Talk at Nottingham University

Yesterday evening was my scheduled talk on “Kindness to Animals” at Nottingham University, organised by the Nottingham Buddhist Society.  The crowd was small as there was a function for the pre-prom to the Mr and Ms Nottingham Ball.  But still, small is beautiful, I always say, and if I can reach out to just one person with the message, it is worth my while.  

Nottingham University is located in Semenyih, and it is a LONG way for me.  Many thanks to Sis Pai Ling, who came all the way from Kajang to Subang Jaya to pick me up.  I am very grateful.

Pausing for Q&A.;
Telling them about the conditions at the pounds.
The students were very interested to learn.  I saw many nodding their heads in agreement.  That was a good sign.  The talk lasted 1 1/2 hours, and the crowd was very attentive. 
Lim Sze Wei (the one wearing our tshirt) organised this talk, and she would also like to help us promote CNRM and sell our tshirts to the Nottingham students in the new semester. 
Sze Wei also said they would like to help us out on weekends.  But we have no project right now that needs volunteers, and our work is mostly emergencies unless it’s our ongoing spay-neuter and subsidy of medicals which we can handle, so I told them they could help out at the animal shelters.  Those animals would definitely enjoy the company of caring young humans. 
Last night, we sold 36 tshirts to this small crowd, and due to past experience, I had brought more ladies sizes than sports’, and that was a mistake, because there were more boys than girls last night!  So, we have orders for sports sizes, which we will pass to Sze Wei next week.  We absolutely sold out on the sports sizes last night.
Many thanks to the students for their support.  It is always a joy to see young people interested in supporting animal concerns. 
Our hope lies in the young.  But the message must reach out to them.  That is the role we play.  Education is the key. 
I reached home at 11.30pm, but it was definitely worth the time and effort. 
Thank you, Nottingham Buddhist Society, for leading the way.

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