Apple Cider Vinegar for fungus in cats?

Thank you, everyone, for helping me with home remedies for Teddy’s fungal problem.  I think the safest I can find so far is Apple Cider Vinegar, so I will try this first. 

Right now, Teddy and Xiao Li has fever, due to the vaccination, and are both asleep.  Earlier on, I managed to dab some diluted ACV onto Teddy’s spots.  He didn’t like it much!

I’m told garlic works as well.  Just rub it onto the spots. 

If you have any time-tested and proven method specifically for fungus, please do share.

The vet did tell me to be very careful with home remedies for humans.  Sometimes what works for humans may not work on animals, or may prove to be detrimental to their health.  For eg, sulphur is highly toxic, but some anti-fungal creams contain sulphur.  And the cat might lick the cream. 






3 responses to “Apple Cider Vinegar for fungus in cats?”

  1. and never feed panadol to your pets if they have a fever. they can actually die, because their bodies don't respond to panadol the same way humans' bodies do!

  2. Huey

    Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome. I used lemon (dipped in almost boiled water and steep overnight) for suspected mild mange or any other skin problems too. Diluted distilled white vinegar may work too.

    My cousin always has a bottle of ACV with her wherever she and her dog are. She said it's a must for her dog's sensitive skin.

  3. ManekiNeko

    Were you thinking of adding garlic powder to his food, or applying garlic topically? Raw garlic applied to an open wound or sore BURNS, so I wouldn't recommend that if he's got any open lesions.

    Does Dr. Brida, the acupuncturist, know about natural remedies? She might be a good resource. 🙂