The remaining three Selayang pups at the vet

I visited the remaining three Selayang pups at our panel vet.  These are the survivors and believe me, they are real tough cookies!


Forrest has grown so much since I last saw him.  He has endeared himself to the vets, and one of the vets, Dr Loh, absolutely adores him.  She says Forrest would be better off with a fosterer because clinic condition isn’t ideal for a recuperating animal. 
Hello folks!  I’m Forrest!  Want to give me a home? 
Forrest will always hold a special place in my heart because the day I brought him to the vet, I had a car accident.  The other car hit my door, but Forrest was in the carrier on the passenger seat, so he was not injured.  Just shaken.  But he let out a little scream when the car banged me.  He was so small then…  
He’s so tough, and he has been through so much for one so young.  I hope he finds a good home. 
Next is Senior White…
He has grown so much as well.
Senior White has no more diarrhoea.
Here’s the ever beautiful Ms Husky. 
She is still on antibiotics as she gets diarrhoea off and on.

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