Fund-raising for Meiji

Meiji, who runs a dog sanctuary in Raub and is currently looking after more than 100 dogs, needs funds to build a new enclosure.  The funds needed are for a chain-link fence and cement skirting. 

We are pleased that a few of AnimalCare’s supporters have agreed to channel their donations to Meiji for the purpose of building this fencing, and I would like to acknowledge their contributions:

Julia Chong
Chua Choon Meng
Premala Narendra
Irene Leong
Vicky GG Khoo
Dr Wai, Mdm Yong and family
Chew Hooi Bin
For those who are unfamilar with Meiji’s work, she has been single-handedly running this dog sanctuary up on a hill in Raub for the past ten years.  Her sister recently resigned from her job to help her out.  Meiji taps rubber to sustain her sanctuary.  All her dogs are spayed-neutered at Klinik Kembiri and we are supporting her on this now.  We also subsidise her medical cases when the animals are brought to our panel vet for treatment.  
This is Meiji, with some of her dogs.  All the dogs are strays or abandoned pets.
This is an enclosure and a hut which her sister built. 
Here’s Meiji with two dogs (with skin disease) at our panel vet. 







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  1. Yeah, let's gather and help meiji, every little amount counts!