Meiji’s spay-neuter of cats and dogs

As you know, we have been supporting Meiji’s ongoing spay-neuter of cats and dogs at Klinik Kembiri which she does on a monthly basis.

Today, we reimbursed her RM840 for the spaying-neutering of 9 female dogs, 7 male dogs, 3 female cats and 4 male cats.  She ferries them from Raub/Bentong and gets the operations done at Klinik Kembiri. 

Meanwhile, through the goodwill of friends, we have also raised some money for the building of a new fencing at Meiji’s sanctuary so that the dogs would have more space to roam freely and safely. 

The building of the fencing is in progress and here are some photos sent by Meiji’s sister:

This looks like a gazebo inside the new fenced-up area.