Thank you very much to all Wesak Day donors

We had a booth at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, in conjunction with the Wesak Day celebrations, on 27th and 28th May.  We were able to explain our mission to many visitors, sell our tshirts and also raise some funds.  

Many thanks to Mandy, Carolina Lestari, Terry and all other friends for helping out at the booth.  And thank you very much to all donors and supporters for your interest and generosity.

Our booth, on Wesak Eve, before the visitors thronged in.

Mandy helping a visitor with the purchase of our tshirt.

Young visitors – our hope for the future.

Visitors on Wesak Day.

This storyboard depicts some of the cases we’ve helped.

Another young visitor reading Indy Jones while waiting for his parents. 

Our tshirts were completely sold out.  There were many enquiries but we were absolutely out of stock.  We are very grateful for your support.  

During the same time, over at the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields, Dayani and her friends were also selling our tshirts and promoting our cause.  

Thank you, everyone.  

May you all be blessed.  






One response to “Thank you very much to all Wesak Day donors”

  1. sadhu sadhu sadhu!!! thankss sis kah yein 🙂

    Sukhi Hontu