Meoww, a feisty little kitten, for adoption

Yi Lin and her family had quite an adventure with a feisty little kitten two days ago.  To cut a long story short, this little kitten was in the middle of the road when Yi Lin’s car was approaching in the late evening. They stopped the car and got down to get the kitten, but she had crawled under the car. After much struggle, the kitten managed to evade all their attempts and finally “disappeared” from sight.

Thinking it would be safe to drive on, but still not taking chances, Yi Lin’s husband drove very slowly, stopping every 10 metres, so that Yi Lin could check for signs of the kitten. This went on until they had to park the car by the side of the road because they could hear mewing (yet there were absolutely no signs of the kitten at all). It was also getting dark by then.  Finally, Yi Lin and her family decided to walk home in the drizzle because they just could not risk driving the car since the kitten’s mewing could be heard.

Yesterday, they went back to get the car and there was no mewing anymore. Thinking it was safe and the kitten had probably gone home, they drove, again, very slowly, back home.  As they reached home, they heard mewing again, and when they opened the bonnet, there was the kitten, sitting on top of the engine of the car!

The kitten was safe and sound, and not injured in any way.  Yi Lin sent her to our panel vet for a check-up yesterday evening.  She has been dewormed and can be vaccinated after 10 days.  She is still too young to be spayed.

Yi Lin’s family has named the kitten “Meoww”.  She is female, and estimated to be not more than 2 months old.   

At present, Julie Pek is helping to foster Meoww.  Meoww is up for adoption.  If you are interested to adopt feisty little Meoww, please contact Yi Lin at 012-3038852 or Andrew at 019-3862885.  

Meoww was still very nervous at Julie’s house last night and needed a few hours to calm down. 

The photo below is the best we could get so far.  Meow is a little black kitten.

Please help Meoww find a safe home.

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