Save the Rabbits!

We see pictures of rabbits everywhere because the coming Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rabbit.  We celebrate the Rabbit because it is a symbol of abundance and joy. 

Yet there are lots and lots of rabbits (and other small defenseless animals) suffering in laboratories all over the world.  They are born and bred for the purpose of animal testing for many products. 

There is no basis to use animals to test for the safety of products for humans.  The results are hardly replicable to humans.  We are not rabbits or rodents and are hence, biologically very different.  With the advancement in technology, humans can opt to test our products by using cultured human tissue, quantitative structure-activity relationship (using mathematical modelling) or better still, use human volunteers (replicability of results assured)!  


Cruelty-free 2013: Urge the EU to enforce its ban on selling animal-tested cosmetics

Animal testing is an ugly business, especially when animals—like rabbits, mice and guinea pigs—are blinded and poisoned just to test a new lipstick, shampoo or other beauty product.

In 2009, the European Union introduced a law banning animal testing for cosmetics in labs throughout the EU. At the same time, they also promised to ban (starting in 2013) the sale of cosmetics tested on animals outside the EU—in countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, and China.

This ban would be a major step toward ending animal testing for cosmetics around the world. That’s because in addition to making the EU the world’s first cruelty-free zone, it would also force companies across the globe to stop animal testing—or have their products pulled off the shelves in Europe.

The sales ban, however, is now under threat, with the European Commission considering a delay of up to 10 years. That would mean unnecessary suffering and death for many thousands of animals. We urgently need caring consumers across the globe to help us save the 2013 sales ban.


Sign HSI’s Cruelty Free 2013 petition today and send a clear message to EU decision-makers that compassionate shoppers in countries around the world want to end cosmetics animal testing, and that they have a moral obligation to uphold the sales ban.

Thank you for all you do for animals!

Let’s put a stop to this cruel practice.
We can make a difference.

Lipton Tea has banned animal testing in its products.

Why?  Because of the collective voice of compassionate and caring people.

Every voice makes a difference.

Please save the rabbits. 

Sign the petition today!






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  1. Devi Narayanan

    Huh, so disgusting. Two-legged beings enjoy the drink and 4-legged beings (?) are testing specimen