Tiger, the interior decorator

We’ve noticed that all our cats have very distinct and different characters, and none of it is trained.  They seem to come with these traits.  

Tiger is our most mild-mannered cat and he seems to like ornaments.  He plays with socks (rolled up in a ball) and keychains with round ornaments.  His current favourite toy is a keychain my son bought from Kuching – it has a toy croissant attached to it and Tiger simply loves it!

Well, I didn’t know that Tiger had another talent – interior decorating.

I was putting up little ornaments in the house for Chinese New Year.  As I was doing it, Tiger was watching very intently.  

He was very fascinated with these little plum blossoms.

And the white pebbles.

But he couldn’t reach them as they were on this shelf.

We have this Buddha bust and I had placed some white pebbles in front of it.

Tiger could get up onto this shelf, and he did.  What is he doing?  He decided it was too untidy leaving the white pebbles outside, so he started pushing them under the bust.

There, I’m all done.  Isn’t it much neater like this?

And Tiger lay next to the bust until my husband got home.  He made little noises to attract my husband’s attention to the pebbles.  I then told my husband what Tiger had done with the pebbles. 

It was only after my husband had praised him that Tiger got down from the shelf, quite happy with his finished task in improving my decorating skills!

Thank you, Tiger!

See the pebbles, all neatly tucked in…by Tiger!

Ahh..this isn’t good enough….let me do something about it…


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