Updates on Imm’s Shelter

Please refer to my previous posting below.


1.  A few friends are now sourcing for help from Ipoh residents. 

2.  Through the help of a reader of this blog, Ellen Chan from Seberang Perai, we are now asking someone in Taiping if he would be interested to take over the shelter.  Apparently, this gentleman has been looking for a place to start a shelter (but in Taiping).

3.  Oei Phaik Imm’s Maybank account no is <info removed>

I have transferred AnimalCare’s donation to her so that the immediate need to buy food for her animals can be attended to.  
If you wish to donate to Imm, please follow-up with an email to <info removed> and <info removed> so that your donations can be acknowledged and recorded.

4.  My friend, PC Leong, will contact his friend in Ipoh to see if he could send his foreign workers in to help Imm temporarily until she recovers.  PC suggests we raise funds to employ foreign workers to help Imm out.  It is very hard trying to get volunteers.  This seems like a marvellous idea to me. 

5.  The water supply at Imm’s shelter has been restored.

Here’s Imm’s latest emails:

Dear Kah Yein
I thank you very much for helping me save my pets. I love them very much. It has not been easy for me. I have been through a lot with them. People are very cruel. I have so much fear that harm may come to them. You have my word that I will keep them as long as I am alive. I will form a Committee with Judy and some of your donors and volunteers to help them. In case I am sick, Judy or one of your volunteers can take over.
Now , for the good news, the water came back today. The partner of the owner of the land shut it off. He took money from me to pay the water bill but did not do so. He ran away with the money. I manage to contact an old worker who went back to feed the dogs in the farm, he turned back the water for me but the bill is still not paid.
I have a Maybank A/c: <info removed>
The address is at Ipoh Garden.
When Judy is free, I will open a separate account with both our names in it for your donations, in case I am not well, she can withdraw the money for the animals and she can also keep an account to account to you and your donors.
Thank you very very much
Kind Regards
Oei Phaik Imm

Thank you very very much.  I have received a note from Maybank of the transfer of money. I am ok with the foreign workers coming in and your idea of employing foreign workers to help me.  You all are very kind. What a difference the world makes. I have met so many bad people in the past few years trying to cheat me, harm my animals,etc. I cannot believe this to be true.
Thank you again
Kind Regards
Phaik Imm

I have always believed in working together for the animals (and their human rescuers).  If not for Ellen and PC, I would never have thought of these ways to help Imm. 

Let’s put our heads together and let’s help Imm and her 59 animals.  The world IS still a good place, isn’t it? 






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  1. good lord. she is an angel

  2. Devi Narayanan

    I have alerted my friend Suzy, an animal lover, who lives in Ipoh. Hope she can be of help too.