Monday updates on Imm’s Shelter

Hi everyone, here’s some updates for today:

1.  Judy got two student-helpers in to help out this morning. 

2.  My friend (former schoolmate), Yvonne Young, visited with her son, Kurtis, and they helped Imm with the cleaning, etc.  Imm is very grateful for the help as Yvonne is very good with dogs.  Yvonne will be going in to help out whenever she can.  Thanks, Yvonne, you’re all heart. 

3. Another person from Ipoh has responded and he said he would try to get volunteers for Imm. 

4.  I’m arranging for further help for Imm.  We have also suggested that Imm gets as many as possible of her animals adopted so that it will lessen her burden of having to care for so many.  I have also found someone who is willing to take over some of Imm’s animals, but Imm would have to weigh the pros and cons.  It would be Imm’s decision. 

5.  I still have not received any photographs of Imm’s Shelter as everyone is busy seeing to the more important needs first. 

6.  Imm is now feeling much better ever since help started coming in.  She has been struggling alone for too long now.  At age 64, it isn’t easy to cope with 59 animals. 

Here’s two emails from Imm today:
Dear Kah Yein
I had some rest but not complete rest yet. Since you came in to help, I had volunteers calling. Yvonne is very good. She and her son will be coming to help whenever she can. She is good with dogs. I am glad she came. She understands the running of the shelter and has been a great help.
If I can get good homes for the animals then they can go. In Bercham, people eat dogs. I was feeding a stray dog there. Somebody caught it and put a chain round her neck. She escaped and I managed to free her for the day. Two days later, she disappeared again. I heard from the neighbouring factory workers that she was caught again to be eaten. This is a cruel world.
Thank you for your help and kindness.
Phaik Imm

Dear Kah Yein
I have received a message that you have sent another donation from the bank.  Thank you very much. 
I know you cannot do this long term. I will find my own way in the long term. I feel better now. There are good helpers coming in such as Judy and her sister and Yvonne and her son and the laksa lady who has been with me the longest time. She can only help once or twice a week because she has a stall.
We will try and find good homes for the animals. Otherwise I will keep them in my shelter. I love animals very much. I still want to help. Let me build myself up a bit so that I can be strong to help them again.
Kind Regards
Phaik Imm

7.  Apart from our donations to Imm, some other donations have also been sent to her.  This has enabled Imm to settle her outstanding water bill, buy 50kg of rice and a 20kg pack of dog food.  Please allow me to acknowledge the contributions (in cash and kind) from the following people (below).  Those whose contributions/donations I’m not aware of (channelled directly to Imm), thank you so much. 

Many thanks to the following people for responding
almost immediately to our appeal:
Sze Too Yu Ming and family
PC Leong and family
Mr Kiang and the Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association
Dr Chong Min Li
Yvonne Young and Kurtis
Bun Keat
The regular donors of AnimalCare
(who prefer anonymity)
May all beings be blessed!






One response to “Monday updates on Imm’s Shelter”

  1. Devi Narayanan

    Angel madam, I pray for your speedy recovery. You should be in good health to care for your babies.