Japan Animal Disaster Relief (updates)

Email from Wong Puei Ee is appended below.  To all who have donated – thank you very much.  It’s still not too late if you wish to donate.  Puei Ee is collecting funds until 31st March.

Dear kind contributors,

Thank you very much for your kind contribution to date. For your information, I’m collecting until 31st March.

Just a simple update with regards to this collection. Collection to date is RM3,500 through cash and Maybank.

I’ve managed to find a free shipping for relief supplies through Japan Airlines however the condition set is sender and receiver both must be national/government/UN affiliates which contributes to the society. I’ve also tried commercial companies such as Fedex, DHL and UPS which they are not providing free shipping policy for relief supplies.

I’ve contacted the following organization with the hope that through their network I may be able to send the supplies through their organization and am currently awaiting response from Kechara, SPCA and Mercy Malaysia for advice. UN, Red Cross, Japan Embassy, Japan Club are unable to help.

If by 1st April, I’m unable to resolve the shipping issue, I’ll be donating the collection via cash donation instead. The reason why that’s the last alternative is because, with the food shortage, I think that it will be more value for money if supplies are purchased here and I manage to get it at distributors price. I’ll send the receipt for the donations on 2nd April for your information.

Thank you once again for your kind contribution. I am moved by so many kind, loving and compassionate people who shares the same love for animals as I am. Thank you once again.

Puei Ee

If you wish to contribute, please contact Puei Ee at wpueiee@gmail.com
Bank details:
Name : Wong Puei Ee
Bank acc : <removed>