Collection of the 2nd dogfood donation for Meiji’s doggie paradise (to be transported)


This round, we raised enough funds to purchase 1000kg of dogfood for Meiji’s 125 dogs. Special thanks to Jessie Yee for taking up the bulk of the fund-raising efforts, and of course, to all the donors:

Jessie Yee
Hoe Leong, Hoe Min & Andy
Chee Sun
Cass Yee
Benard & Corinne
Irene Ng
Claire Lim
Kang Wei
Kang Hean Kiam
Ho Geok Keng
David Chu Yuan Han
Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn

One anonymous donor

The food was collected this morning by Alron’s staff.  Alron has very graciously provided his lorry for transportation of the food to Meiji in Raub.
Grateful thanks to Amy Lim of Subang Pet Products
for offering this food to us at a very good price.
(50 bags of 20kg each = 1000 kg)
The lorry arrives, sharp at 10.30am.
Gosh, I love punctuality!


The loading begins…


One more pack…we’re almost done.


We’re done!
There’s space for more.  Anymore?
Er…no, only 50 bags…. 

Many thanks to Alron for providing his lorry for transportation.  The food will be sent to Meiji’s sanctuary sometime this month. 


Thank you, everyone.

Due to our limited resources and our need to focus on our primary mission of providing sponsorship for spay-neuter and medical needs for the strays, we do not have the capacity to organise anymore food donation drives. However, we welcome sponsors or individuals who are interested to help the rescuers and shelters that we highlight.

Let’s work together for the animals and use our strengths in what we do best.

Please also note that the amount of animal-food raised is totally dependent on the response of the readers of this blog. So, thank you very much, for helping Meiji’s dogs.