Norizan’s cats spayed

Norizan is a cat-lover from Kepong.  With the kind help of Agnes and Yuen Foon, she sent two of her recently-adopted female cats to our panel vet for spaying under our sponsorship.  Norizan has just adopted these two cats from a cat-rescuer in Kg Melayu. 

We sponsor the spay-neuter of recently-adopted street animals.
If you need help, please contact us.
But please be advised that all our panel vets practise ear-tipping and ear-notching for all cases under the rescue rate.  Please respect the policy of the clinics concerned.






One response to “Norizan’s cats spayed”

  1. Devi Narayanan

    Dear friends, never mind the ear tipping or ear notching as long as we can help control pitiful unnecessary birth and merciless death.