How are things over at Imm’s Shelter?

Updates from Judy:

Imm still looks tired. I can empathise her situation. I’ve noticed myself that I can’t get much done in a day as I used to since turning 60. I’m 62 this year and Imm’s 64! Imm really doesn’t have much ‘free’ time in a day. She’s up at 7am each morning to organise the food to be taken to the shelter. She leaves for the shelter at 9.30am (on Mondays at 8.00am as Yvonne and Curtis prefers to be at the shelter by 8.30am) and finishes usually around 12.30pm. From between then and 5pm is her so-called free time for a bit of rest & all the daily chores -buy food for herself, food for the animals, vet visits if any of the cats or dogs are not well, clean her home, herself etc. In the evening, she cooks the rice wiith chicken necks or pork liver/bones for the next morning’s feed. The good news is since your blog posting, she has the donations to help feed her animals, and there is at least one volunteer going in with her most days – Yvonne & Curtis on Mon, Ah Mei on Tuesday and Friday, Carol on Thursday and Sat, and myself on Wed and Sunday.

On my home front, Timmy’s eye ulcer is almost healed. His diarrhoea has finally ceased. He’s also gained weight. Will take him back to Imm’s shelter when his eye is completely healed and when he’s regained normal weight. He was light as a feather when I brought him home. Kit-kat will miss him when he goes back. Timmy looks quite handsome now. My sis and I will also miss him. We can’t keep Timmy as we’ll have to keep Kit-kat who requires long term palliative care. Kit’s ear tumour has turned very active, growing in size, is red and raw, and bleeds daily. Her ear needs cleaning preferably 3 times a day. The blood clot gets foul if not cleaned.

With Timmy, there’s now 11 cats and 3 dogs in my home. It’s full house! My plan is to take in an extra cat from the shelter that’s not well or under nourished, to take care of it until it’s well & relatively healthy, before it’s returned to the shelter. It’ll be a rotating scheme, and Timmy’s the first receipient. That’s the plan, hope conditions will be supportive for my sis and I to maintain this plan.

It is really a huge challenge maintaining and sustaining a shelter.  Technically, Imm’s is more of a sanctuary and not a shelter. 

For those new to this blog, Oei Phaik Imm is a lady from Ipoh who is now in her sixties.  She has been rescuing stray animals for decades but with age catching up and finances going down, she was in dire straits a few months ago.  Her plight was brought to our attention and we publicised her appeal for funds. 

Donations poured in for her (thanks to all of you) and that set her back on her feet again. 

She also needs helpers and volunteers and currently, it looks like there is a steady stream of helpers each week. 

If you would still like to help Phaik Imm on a regular basis, please direct your donations to her:

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Please follow-up with an email to and so that your donations can be acknowledged and recorded.

Judy is my friend, who is helping Imm manage the shelter. 

For more details on Imm’s Shelter and photographs, please do a word search on “Imm” on this blog for all the past postings.