Rex, Fox and Honeybear (the 3 kittens)

Last night, Sze Kei found 3 kittens abandoned inside a box.  This morning I blogged for fosterers/adopters.  Sze Kei said her mother wouldn’t allow her to keep the kittens.  I was also worried as Sze Kei said they kept crying all night.   

So, Jason helped bring them to our panel clinic at noon today, and by then, no one had come forward to foster yet, so after our vet dewormed them, I took them home.

They are with me now. 

It’s been almost one year since I last fostered Peanut, Butter and Jelly.  And five years ago, when I first nursed 2-day old Cow, Bunny and Pole.  A kind officer from PAWS taught me exactly what to do.  It was based on his advice, which I had followed to the letter, that Cow, Bunny and Pole survived and are five years old today.  Ever since then, there had been many other kittens, each time, always a challenge. 

Here they are….as adorable as all kittens are.

We’ve called this one Rex (male).

Honeybear (the white one, male) and Fox (the apache-calico, female)

This is Fox.

And the littlest of them all – Honeybear. 
This was their first feeding and they were SO hungry.
However, Honeybear did not drink much. 
After the feeding, he had a seizure. 
It was followed by another seizure again while I was away at another vet’s.  Ming-Yi quickly brought Honeybear to the vet’s and even while in the car, he threw another seizure for about half a minute.  Then, at the vet’s he threw yet another fit.
I met Ming-Yi and Honeybear at the vet’s and he explained it is probably some congenital problem, or due to immature development.  It could even be choking if the various channels are not properly developed.
In short, there was nothing much we or anyone could do about it.  Honeybear would have “grow up” and hopefully, grow out of it. 
We brought Honeybear home and he appeared to be hungry again.  So we fed him, and this time, there was no seizure. 
He again did not drink much, so I resorted to letting him suck the milk on my finger.
Finally, after resting, he wanted more milk and this time, he drank from the syringe.  He could suck very well. 
All three in a row.

Ming-Yi with Rex.

Rex drinking milk…the 3rd round.  His appetite is so good.

Rex and Fox are so playful and active.

Bobby is on guard, as always.

The guard also has to sleep.

Rex and Fox huddled up together.

Honeybear, all wrapped up to keep warm.

Extra warmth for Honeybear.
The kittens have to have their mouths wiped to prevent milk rash and also their tummies massaged to stimulate urination and defecation.  So far, they have been urinating. 
I am giving them Pets Own Milk.

Bunny says hello to Honeybear.

From a Tabby to another Tabby – Tiger welcomes Rex to the household.

Tiger wanted to see all his new friends.

Bobby, as old as he is, stays on guard. 
Many thanks to Punitha, who offered her mother-cat, but her mother-cat has the flu, so we can’t take that risk. 
Nurul from Balakong offered to adopt Honeybear, but I told her Honeybear has seizures, so she says I’d better look after Honeybear until she is in a better state.  Nurul also has to go back to her hometown sometime next week. 
Sze Kei has also received another offer of a mother-cat but we need to know if the mother-cat is willing to foster kittens that are not her own and if the mother-cat still has enough milk.  Apparently, this mother-cat had just delivered one month ago, and two of her own kittens had died.  Sze Kei needs to find out more first. 
Meanwhile, I’ll look after them.
All three are up for adoption.
If you’d like to foster them, please continue using Pets Own Milk (the vet advised not to change the milk), and please be informed that Honeybear has had five seizure attacks from 12pm until now (6.40pm).  I held him close and tapped his body when he had the fits.  It lasted for not more than 1 minute before he relaxed his body. 
He is sleeping now.
Photo taken at 6.47pm.  Honeybear has just thrown a fit, then calmed down, I fed him 2ml of milk and he is asleep now.

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