O Sole Mio at 4.30am

Ming-Yi did the midnight shift last night as I was totally exhausted by then….. From the time I brought them back, I only had bananas….until dinner!  Bananas are good, by the way, it’s energy food.   

Indy wasn’t too happy with the new kittens.

I thought it would be safer to keep them inside the carrier while I was at work as Rex and Fox can already scale the cardboard box all the way to the top.  But this is an old carrier and the door is rusted.  We wanted to sandpaper the metal frame and spray-paint it, but Ming-Yi thought the paint would be toxic. So, she wrapped all the metal parts with cellophane tape. 

Rex and Fox did not want to be confined in the carrier, but Honeybear was absolutely contented inside and did not want to venture out.  Honeybear is definitely the weakest of the three.  As of last night, he had thrown a total of seven seizures.  I noticed a pattern when the seizure comes: He would let us a loud crying sound (like a warning alarm, which we could hear even from outside the room), and then he would go into seizure, stiffening his whole body, claws all out as though he had to hold on to something, his ears would be twitching, eyes blinking, and this would last for about 1 minute (at most).  We’d tap him on the body (as shown by the vet), just in case there is any form of choking happening.  Then, he would calm down, his body would relax and that’s it….one episode ends. 
Honeybear also could not really suck his milk yesterday.  I had to put some milk on my finger to let him suck.  At other times, he would just bite and chew the syringe.  Feeding him had to be done very, very slowly.  I think he only managed to suck on his own about 3-4 times yesterday and that was only for a few seconds.
Rex and Fox – absolutely no problems with anything.  Both of them are ok. 
This morning, at 4.30am…..

Honeybear could suck on his own this morning!!  He drank almost 4ml of milk this morning, too.  So far there has been no seizures since 4am this morning. 
Ming-Yi had been playing the Metta Chant all day non-stop ever since the three came in.  I believe it helps.  Well, it has helped in the last few years, every time any animal has been sick or has needed some spiritual help.

I used to use Milcodog previously, but the vet said he has had good success with Pets Own Milk and since I had started them on it, it’s not wise to change brands for kittens this young.  The advantage of Pets Own Milk is that it’s not powdered (hence, reduces the error in the powder:water ratio).  But the cons would be that it had to be kept in the fridge and an opened packet has to be finished within 3 days (er…not a problem at the rate Rex and Fox drinks!  I’ve almost finished one packet now), but I have to warm the milk up each time.  I use a hot water bath to do this.   

Expressing urine on the little one.  I’ve decided to use a wet cloth instead of cotton-wool.  It works well.  This is to stimulate the mother-cat’s licking tongue.  In newborns who have their mom, the mom licks their private parts to make them urinate and defecate.  They are too young to do it by themselves without the stimulation.
Hey, Honeybear….grow up and be a big bear, ok?  When newborns come to me, I usually give them BIG names (like Cow, Polar, Bunny started off as “Yeti”, Tiger, and Indy Jones; Indy was the most resilient survivor I had ever, ever nursed!  He had come from the drain with pus in his bladder, ears and eyes and he could barely move.  The vet thought he would not be able to survive, but being Indy Jones….well, you know – Indiana Jones, the hero!)
Bobby is always there.

Tiger seems to like Rex.  Tabbies, Inc.

Tiger greets Rex.
Join the neighbourhood Tabby Club?

Fox (female) has the most voracious appetite!

Bobby, although blind, is quite concerned about Honeybear.

I want to train them to stay in the carrier while I am at work.  Honeybear absolutely loves the carrier, but not the two more adventurous ones….

Honeybear sleeps after every feeding.  He doesn’t play.  Guess he is still very weak.  I see a slight improvement today, compared to yesterday. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed now…. Please say a little prayer for Honeybear, folks….

But we want to play!!

Honeybear ventures a few steps out of the carrier, but decides he would be safer inside.

Hey Bobby, can you play with us?
I remember I used to play Josh Groban’s Italian songs for Joanie when I nursed her for those 20 days after she went through surgery for obstructed labour. 
So, I thought I’d introduce Rex, Fox and Honeybear to the 3 Italian boys (Il Volo) who have recently taken the whole world by storm….
Kitties, here’s O Sole Mio, from Il Volo! 

Che bella cosa na jurnata ‘e sole,
n’aria serena doppo na tempesta!
Pe’ ll’aria fresca pare già na festa…
Che bella cosa na jurnata ‘e sole.
Yes, it’s going to be a sunny day!
O Sole Mio!
Have a great day, folks!
P.S.  If you like Pavarotti and Elvis Presley, I think you’d definitely enjoy these three boys….!!  Very much more youthful!

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