Updates from Imm’s Shelter

From Judy:

Have finally managed to work on Imm’s shelter’s receipts and payments and will send an update out to all donors before end of this week. Will be going to the shelter tomorrow and will get rest of May receipts from Imm.

The April donors were PC&Chew;, Yvonne Young, Yvonne’s relatives (ching ming collection) and Anonymous.  The May donors were PC&Chew;, Yvonne Young, Conrad Young, Dr Karmen, and my friend Katherine.

The bank and cash balance remains healthy thanks to the monthly pledges from PC&Chew; and the Young family. Btw, we have not heard from the pledge from the Netherlands. She’s possibly had a change of heart.

The ongoing volunteers are Ah Mei (Tue and Fri), Yvonne & Curtis (Mon), Carol (Thurs and Sat) and Wed and Sunday (yours truly), so there is at least one person going in to help Imm most days. Most of Imm’s time is still taken up by the shelter ..going in to the shelter daily, purchasing dogs & cats food, cooking for the dogs etc. but she’s much less tired than previously.

The cats and dogs are as well as can be. I have taken 3 cats home to care for … Kitkat will be long term because of her cancerous ear tumour, Timmy’s cornea ulcer has mostly healed, he’s gained weight & looks much, much healthier. I took Mikey home last Sunday as he needs personal care .. he’s too thin and scrawny and has diarrhoea.

If you’d like to donate to Imm’s Shelter (currently, 56 animals), the donation details are:

Maybank account no:<Info removed>
For all donations, pls follow with an email to “Phaik Imm Oei” <info removed> and Judy Chua <info removed>

For more details about Imm’s Shelter, please do a word search on “Imm” in this blog.

Thank you!