Playhouse kitties

The Sunny Kittens have been enjoying the playhouse….

 Fox and Rex inside.
 Honeybear is sort of the last one to learn new things…well, he’s the youngest.
 Rex loves it!
 I’m coming out!!  Er…use the door, Rex?  No, the window’s more fun! 
 As I’ve said, these are indeed the MOST obedient kittens I’ve ever fostered.  They go to sleep after they are done eating and playing.
 For every meal, they still get milk, and the kibbles. 
It’s still only Rex and Fox eating kibbles.
Honeybear is still on the bottle, or only soaked (softened) kibbles.
 Honeybear’s not eating, but he just joins in the fun and tramples over everyone.
 And Uncle Bunny gets all the left-overs!
By the way, you know how it is that cats don’t like to share litter boxes?  Well, I only have two litter boxes.  Someone found a convenient toilet….the carrier!  I’ve been cleaning pee from the carrier every day.  How smart!
Bunny touching noses with Rex.
Bunny has been coming in regularly to check on them…and er…to check on the leftover kibbles as well.  Well…it’s Royal Canin Baby Cat….that’s “gourmet” for adult cats.  But not too much, of course. 

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