Reprinting Pawprints on My Heart (my first book)

Pawprints on My Heart was written in 2008.  It tells the stories of my childhood pets and my rescue and caregiving work.  It is my first non-academic book (there have been five more after that, and no more academic books!!).   

Since then, a total of 12,000 copies of Pawprints have been published, all for free distribution, and the sponsors have been all my friends and well-wishers. 

Writing books is my personal interest and I have never used AnimalCare’s funds for the publication. 

So, raising funds for the reprints is still my personal project. 

The books have been distributed in the Klang Valley and other places in Malaysia, as well as to further shores, thanks to friends who carry them across the oceans or post them for me.  There are even copies in the library of the University of London, I am told. 

I am now raising funds again to reprint Pawprints on My Heart as many people have written to me asking for the book (and I barely have 20 copies left!).

I have yet to get a quote for the reprint of the book.  I am aiming to raise enough funds to print 2000 copies, for cost-effectiveness (the price per book drops once the volume reaches 2000 copies since it is a book with colour photographs). 

Over these 3 years since the book has been in circulation, many people, including young children, have written to me, telling me how much the stories have changed their perception of animals (for the better, of course) and how they and their families have now become rescuers as well. 

One such family, is of course, CP and her entire family, and there is also 11-year old Toh Han Shen (who influenced his friends at school to save kittens) and countless others. 

But this email from 12-year old Andrea remains one of my all-time favourites….(there are more from her too, of course):


Hello, my name is Andrea. I have read ALL your books. They’re so awesome!!!! I especially love Pawprints on my Heart. My favourite story is Mother’s Day Gifts From Heaven. I like Cow. He’s so CUTE, and yes, I agree that Bobby is very kind because he accepts every addition to the family. Remember you had to hand raise your kittens? Cow, Bunny and Polar? Well I’m just telling you this cause I’m excited about actually e mailing you… I’m e mailing my favourite author. Well, one day I heard mewing outside and I saw two of the most ADORABLE kittens were miawing at the back kitchen. My maid said she suspected the mom was dead because it had already been a week since their mom had left them. Anyway, we (my mom, maid and I) took them in and guess what?! One of them, a jet black one, looks EXACTLY like Vixey and the other one, a black and white one, looks EXACTLY like Cow. I call the black one ”Black Olive” and the other one”Cow Junior”. Did you know that Cow Junior has even got a little black spot at the side of his nose just like Cow!! Cool huh!!?

Reply, ok?


If you’d like to contribute towards the reprinting of Pawprints on My Heart, do please write to me at

We have events all year round, the next ones are on 6th July and another on 23rd July, and at every event, my animal books are distributed free to the public. 

If you’d like to review the book, the e-books are available here:  

Thank you.  And if I may quote Andrea: reply, ok?  :))

P.S.  If you go to the website, you’d see two versions of the book (a Buddhist and secular).  I have phased out the Buddhist version and am only reprinting the secular version so that the book can be read comfortably by people of all races and religions.  After all, kindness is a universal virtue, and animals have no religion!  The Buddhist versions of Pawprints and Indy Jones were written because the majority of the sponsors have been friends from the Buddhist community.  Rainbow Bridge only has a secular version.  







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  1. Devi Narayanan

    Dear Andrea, you set a great example to human who dont use their thick-skulled head.