The Sunnies’ new home with Rozita and family

It was time to take the Sunnies to their new home.  Rozita said she would be home by 2.30pm.  I packed their milk, a new pack of RC Baby Cat, their little pink ball and Tiger’s basket.  

Say thank you to Uncle Bobby first… 

Thank you, Uncle Bobby. 

Thank you, Uncle Bobby.

Taman Tun seemed very far.  Rex was mewing all the way, so I held him.  Still, he mewed.  Honeybear was asleep.  Fox poo-ed in the box.  It’s exactly like taking babies on a journey.  

We didn’t know the roads, so I called Rozita and she came to guide us to her house.  

Rozita had not told her two daughters that the Sunnies would be coming today.  She wanted to surprise them.  So we waited while she went upstairs to tell her daughters.  We brought the playhouse along so that the Sunnies would have something familiar to play with.  

 Here’s Rozita with Sarah.

 The Sunnies were excited too.

 Ridzlyn came down as well and both the girls were excited with the Sunnies.

Rozita says her husband, who is at work, had been texting her all day, asking when the kittens would be coming.  That’s so nice to know….that the whole family is excited about having them.  Rozita’s sister-in-law would also be coming over later this evening. 

Rozita’s whole house is netted, so the kittens would be very safe inside.  For the first few days, she will gradually let her adult cats get used to the kittens.  

Sarah with Rex and Fox.  

Both the girls rescue kittens from their school and are “seasoned” fosterers.  Rozita says they have been fostering kittens since young and they are very responsible.

Ridzlyn with Honeybear.

I think the girls will be renaming them.  

 Rozita has three of these green baskets for her cats.  
Fox is exploring one and seems to like it.

Rozita knows all about Tiger’s basket.  We had brought it along as well, but we had to take it back or else Tiger would be so upset.  It’s his baby basket.  So Rozita told her daughters to find another basket for the Sunnies.  

 You have lots of fun here now, Fox. 

I held them each one by one.  Rex has become very close to me over the last few days and I feel a very strong bond with him.  The bond will always be there.  We must be karmically-linked, Rex and me.

As we left, Rex was asleep already.  Fox was playing with the pink ball I had brought along and Honeybear was fast asleep in Sarah’s arms. 

Rozita and I thanked each other and hugged – total strangers before, but friends now, because of the Sunny Kittens.  All of us have so much to be thankful for.  For those of us who have an affinity for animals and wish to care for them, this is what we do – we do our best, and we work together to give them a better life.  

Rozita assures me she will send photo updates.  

Thank you, Rozita, Sarah, Ridzlyn and the whole family – thank you for giving the Sunnies a safe and loving home.

We drove home feeling very grateful that the Sunnies now have a forever home, not just any home, but one that is filled with so much love and kindness.  

I told my husband that even animals come with their own karma.  The Sunnies must have come with such good karma; they were rescued from the street, but they are born good-looking, they are naturally obedient and thus, so adorable and so easy to manage, they have good health and now, they have such a good home.  Imagine the many other strays out there; how many are left to die on the street, and even if they survive, some are not so good-looking, some are born with poor health, and for some, it is so hard to get them adopted.  

The Sunnies are indeed such lucky kittens and we are lucky that they have brought so much sunshine into our lives.

P.S.  Minutes after I reached home, Rozita texted to say she had sent photos to me.  Now, this is truly heaven-sent….next posting, please!

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