The Sunny Kittens’ last night with me

Tomorrow, the Sunny Kittens will go to Rozita’s home.  Rozita has been sending me text messages, telling me how excited her two daughters are, at the prospect of having Rex, Fox and Honeybear.

As I sit here, reluctant to leave them as this is their last night with me, as though she could read my mind, Punitha sends me this heart-warming email, which I just received minutes ago:

Dear Dr.Chan,

I think all of us who’ve been reading and following up on the Sunny kittens have you to thank, first and foremost, for taking up the arduous (but by all means rewarding) task of bottle-feeding and caring for such young kittens when they needed a miracle the most. They (and so MANY more) have been given a second chance at life because you stepped in to assist. Whether in person or via writing, regardless of the obstacles, you’ve never failed to chip in and help so many people in the best possible ways you could.

And I understand with all my heart as a rescuer, how difficult it is probably going to be for you to let them go tomorrow. The adoption periods are, in all honesty, times which I most and least look forward to. Most, because of the excitement and possibilities that lie ahead for the fur-kids…and least, because of the re-curring inner reluctance/selfishness to release them after having given them so much of myself.

How nice it would be, if we simply knew a way of loving our fur-kids without having to get attached to them?

But I suppose this is the task we ultimately sign ourselves up for, as people who love and stand up for animals. Helping change lives. And you’ve already done a marvelous job Dr.Chan, with every minute that the Sunny kittens have spent with you. So many more animals out there today would not share the same luck. 

And just think, they’re going to have a REAL family soon!  

Loved and pampered, no more ‘sharing’ like they used to with us. They’ll get all the attention they truly deserve as young kittens with their entire lives ahead of them to explore and experience.

And we rescuers shall all undoubtedly move on with the same burning purpose in mind 🙂 best of luck to you Dr.Chan. May the Sunny kittens bring ever-lasting sunshine and happiness into their new ‘heaven-sent’ and (truly very) lucky family. Take care.


Thank you so much, Nitha, for going that extra mile, for offering to help me with the adoption of Rex, Fox and Honeybear, for offering to find me a mother-cat right from Day One, and offering to foster them in the event that I cannot find any adopter.  Thank you for offering to help me vet the potential adopters, too.  We are so incredibly lucky that Rozita responded and she is truly heaven-sent.  

I have often asked for help from others whom we have helped before only to be turned down with a flat “no”.  It is therefore so refreshingly wonderful, that, for a change, you offered help without my asking, and you went that extra mile for the kittens and for me.  

Thank you so much, Nitha.  May you always be blessed and showered with kindness.

Shh….they are asleep now…

Sleep well, little ones….

You’re going to a new home tomorrow, to a wonderful and loving family….your forever home!

There is no “goodbye” because Rex, Fox and Honeybear will always be in my heart.

Rex has got up and he came to tap on my feet.  As I picked him up, he crawled right up and licked my face.  Rex is mewing at me now, as though telling me not to be sad….

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  • Devi Narayanan

    Words beyond expression. I cant help crying.

    Rozita, please keep close watch on the babies and thanks you for adopting them.