Bushytail’s ready to take on the world!

Who is this pretty little cat?

Why, it’s Bushytail!!

For those how have not been following our stories, Bushytail was brought in with necrotising mastitis (infection of the mammary glands, not one, but several) and pyometra.  Euthanasia was suggested by the vet as she was in a very bad state, but surgery was also an option, though extremely risky as she was very weak.  

So, surgery it was.  During the surgery, it was found the infection was so widespread, the vets could not remove all of it.  Only the major parts, as there would not have been enough skin left for suture.  So, the totally necrotised parts were removed, Bushytail was spayed (that took care of the pyometra), and antibiotics did the rest of the job, plus healing by CP, of course (never discount the spiritual help!).  

The vet had told me the wound might even break open or the infections will spread further and we should be prepared for repeated surgeries…..

Bushytail obviously has a very strong will to live.  She survived the surgery and her recovery was remarkably impressive.  

She was discharged in a matter of days, returned to rescuer Sudhamma’s caring hands, and today, is the removal of her sutures, 10 days after the surgery.

That’s her photo taken today (pretty little thing, yah?).

Sudhamma writes:

Good news, sister.  Bushytail gained weight and sutures are removed now.  Still has a bit of moist part around her stomach.  Just need to apply some cream.  Doctor says can release in 3 days.

Have a great life, Bushytail!  

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  • Devi Narayanan

    Oh Bushytail, am so glad you are OK now. Thanks to all those involved in saving ehr life. God bless all.

    Love & care really works.