Toby goes home!!

Toby was also another “near-euthanasia” case where the vet had suggested to have him put down.  He had kidney insufficiency, had been vomiting and then, had stopped eating.  

The blood tests clearly indicated “renal insufficiency” (which is slightly less severe than total renal failure, if I want to be technically correct, that is).  

He was put on drips, given antibiotics, but still wasn’t too well on the second day.

CP went to give him an hour’s healing that evening. 

He improved a lot the next day.

Today?  His blood test results show normal renal readings so he’s discharged and is now home with Emma!

 Hey Toby, you’re going home!

Ngiow, ngiow…he said.  

The vet’s assistant said Toby is an extremely noisy cat!

The blood results are all normal now!  The vets are impressed.  Emma is beyond words.  She told me the Creatine level was 300 a few days ago.  It has normalized to 83 now.  The vet is impressed too.  

Well, I supposed some animals just have the will to live (like Bushytail).  Coupled with a good vet, good medicine, a good caregiver and lots of moral support, everything helps….subject to the laws of the Universe, of course.  

Hey you, noisy little one…you’re going home.  

Be good, ok?


Still, the vet cautioned we do not know what caused the kidney problem in the first place.  Let’s hope it was just an infection (which had caused the vomiting) and the antibiotics did the job.  

To be on the safe side, the vet also cautioned that should there be other underlying reasons for the kidney problems, Toby might not have a long life.  So to be safe, he has prescribed two medications (one of which is Azodyl) which is meant to help the kidneys.  Toby should also be on Hill’s KD.  

Well, none of us have a long life, right?  Time is relative, anyway.   

We all live each day as best we can, go to bed knowing we’ve done the best we can, and die happy if we don’t wake up.

So, it’s never about how long we live, but how we live our life that counts.  It’s all about living a quality life, not about quantity.  

So for Toby, have a good life now.  No, have a GREAT life!! 

Toby’s medical bill is jointly sponsored by Emma and from our funds. 







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  1. Devi Narayanan

    I am so happy for Toby.