Chewie goes home

I went to the clinic again later this afternoon.  We had another new case there so I had to discuss the prognosis with the vet.  Also, I was very anxious to check on Chewie.

 Christine and her friends (Jax, Doris and adopter, Lina) were all there.

 They were taking turns to provide comfort and encouragement to Chewie.

Here’s the thing, explains the vet…Chewie could actually go home already because there is no reason for her to stay in the clinic.  If Lina and her friends can do what they do at the clinic, ie. feed and give medicine, Chewie could very well be better off away from the clinic environment.  The vet is worried that Chewie, being so young, might pick up diseases from the clinic.  Also, back home, Chewie would have the advantage of being taken care of by all her new caregivers now.  The advantage of being in the clinic is that the vets can monitor her condition and do what is necessary for her.  But there actually isn’t much to do for Chewie anymore now.  We are all waiting for the Doxycycline to take effect, and if a blood parasite is causing this loss of blood, the Doxy should work in 24-48 hours and there should be improvement then.  If not, it would be back to the drawing board for differential diagnosis again.  

The vet said what could be done now would be to do a blood PCV test to determine blood volume.  If Chewie’s blood count is really low, we could opt for a blood transfusion.

 So, we took her blood.  It wasn’t easy…there wasn’t much blood to draw from.

We waited patiently for the machine to do the blood count while the vet continues to explain the effect of the medication and the choices we had.  The vet also remarked that Chewie is one lucky kitten – how many sick cats would have seven people (two vets, four young people, and me) looking out for her and keeping her company.  Yes, Chewie is lucky….and it’s the quality of care that we can give that matters.  

Ding!!  It’s ready…the blood results.

Hey…it is quite good, actually.  It’s a reading of 25, which was totally unexpected!  

Hmm…the plot thickens now….what is happening with Chewie?  Why does she look so pale and appears to be so weak when her blood count is okay.  Is there something else happening?  

I suppose with a StarWars name like that, anything can happen?

 So Chewie went back to the cage while her caregivers decide what to do.

Lina, being the adopter, finally decided to take Chewie home.  All the friends will take turns to look after Chewie while Lina is at work.  The students are currently still on holiday, so that’s just perfect.  Lina is taking the day off tomorrow to settle in Chewie and learn the ropes.

So, Lina and Doris followed me to my house to get a cage, a hot water bottle and a litter box.  

They went back to the clinic and later texted me that Chewie is on the way home to Lina’s.  

We will all pray for Chewie’s fighting spirit to overcome whatever obstacles that are hindering her recovery.  

Hang in there, Chewbacca.  

We’re with you.

Please get well soon.

And if guardian angels exist (oh yes, they do), please look after Chewie and keep her safe.