Notched or not notched?

A friend who is keen to do his part in CNRM managed to capture a cat in Kota Kemuning two nights ago, and he wrote to me saying there appears to be a “hole”in one ear.  

He asked if he should send the cat for spaying again.  I said the best is to send the cat to be examined by a vet and the vet would be able to tell (with more certainty) if the “hole” has been deliberately made.  

Alternatively, since there is already a “hole”, one could also choose to wait for a few months and monitor if the cat gets pregnant.  If not, it would be more possible then, that the cat has already been spayed.  We really would not want to open up the poor cat twice, especially when there is a strong probability that they cat has already been spayed.  

Then, he sent these photos:

To me, the second photo looks like it’s a V-notch alright.  

I zoomed in, and it looks like a deliberate V-cut. 

What do you think? 

I wouldn’t want to have this cat opened up twice.  I would either send her to the vet for a professional opinion, or wait for a few months. 

Anyway, my friend was happy enough that I thought it looked like a deliberate V-notch.  

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  • Anonymous

    That is why the tiny flat tip (not cut too big like some over enthusiastic vets do) like what Dr. Natasha and Dr. Noor used to do when they were at Klinik Kembiri is better. The cat catchers can even spot it at a distance and not go chasing the poor cat unnecessarily trying to capture it.

    But then, what to do? People hoohaa so much about the "V", some snipping centre, some snipping at the side, and some so tiny you actually have to catch the poor cat to examine with a magnifying glass for confirmation ….

    The tiny flat tip is practical, neat and not bad looking at all if done less than 1cm deep.

  • Thank you for your views, Anon. This is not about who is right or wrong, or even which is better. Our vets have seen female cats with flat tips which already had hair grown over, thus causing some uncertainty as to whether it is a deliberate tip or a deformity. The only reason our Subang vets use a V-notch is because it is THEIR personal preference, based on their wider experience having seen so many animals in their practice. One of our other vets use the flat tip, too. We engage the services of our vets, we do not tell them what to do. We trust that they will do what is best for the animal, based on their knowledge and experience. For your information, one female cat from our Market CNRM was opened up recently, only to be discovered that she had already been spayed. Upon examination later, it was found that one ear had what looked like a flat tip, but it was not obvious because hair had grown over it.
    As for the hoo-hah, it isn't us making the hoo-hah. It's the people who object so vehemently over the V-notch who are making the hoo-hah!