Please pray for Chewie (possible blood parasite infection)

I reached the clinic after work today and was told Chewie is not doing very well.  She has suddenly become very pale this morning, and the vet suspects that it may be due to a blood parasite which had been in existence in her body, but is now manifesting and causing an infection.  

The course of action is to stop the earlier antibiotics (meant for the lungs and the wound in the paw) and start her on Baytril and Doxycycline, the latter of which is very effective against the blood parasite.

Blood parasite kills, not only kittens, but also adults.  It can be very nasty.  

This is very worrying, especially when Chewie has now lost her spunk and is very weak. 

 The vet was coaxing her to eat a bit more.  Her appetite, however, is still good.  

 She is still eating on her own.

There is also no more diarrhoea, so the vet is switching from ID to AD, which is more nutritious and essential to combat the paleness.  Paleness indicates that blood is being lost.  There could be many, many other reasons, but the presence of a blood parasite seems most probable, according to the vet.  

 She is now so weak, it really breaks your heart.  

I’m not a healer (my chakras are not open), but what I can do is to touch an animal and radiate thoughts of loving-kindness, which, hopefully, is also a form of healing, so to speak.  Chewie wanted very much to be touched.  Initially, she was very restless and kept making noise, but soon she calmed down and she was at peace.  

But she IS weak.  She could not even stand up within falling over onto her side.  This is so heart-breaking, yet we have gone this far with her.  We must give her hope and do everything we can for her.  

 Hey, Chewbacca, you’re going to be okay.  Be strong.

 She seemed better after that.  She could stand and sit without falling over.

I think any patient would benefit knowing she is cared for and that there are people wanting her to get well soon.

 Sitting on her own with more confidence now.

You get well, Chewie.  I’ll come see you again.

I have texted CP and Christine.  I hope Christine and all her friends will come visit and bring some cheer to Chewie.  Chewie needs to know there is a home waiting for her and that all of us want her to get well.  

You’ve come this far, Chewie.  Hang in there.  We’re with you.

Time, as we all know, is relative.  We’ll do everything possible for Chewie and make this time worthwhile and meaningful for her.  

Please pray for Chewie.







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  1. Anonymous

    With all my heart I hope she makes it.

    Linda Suhaili