Kelly and Jacinta’s dog shelter in Ipoh needs urgent help

A friend from Ipoh, Chew Keang, alerted me to Kelly Tan and Jacinta Emmanuel’s dog shelter in Ipoh a few weeks ago. I have been asking for information and photos so that I can post it up here and the readers can help out, and I’ve finally got the information from them this evening.  

This morning, Kelly Tan called me and explained that they are in dire straits right now.  They need funds very urgently to help sustain and maintain their 100 dogs located at various small shelters which the two ladies run on a daily basis. Kelly was in tears and she told me how much the dogs mean to both of them, but managing the shelter is getting so difficult now due to lack of funds.  

Here’s more information from Jacinta:

We moved to our present shelter in September 2007  in stages. The 1st to arrive the were our dogs from the corner house at Persiaran Ipoh.  Next was the batch from the corner house we rented at no. 46, Jalan Foo Win Yin, Canning Garden, Ipoh. Previously in 2002,  we kept our dogs at Jalan Potter.

We have about 68 doggies at our shelter in Tg Rambutan,  not including the 3 that are at my place a another 6 at the corner house in Jalan Yin Choo Han, Ipoh Garden. We also feed the strays we find along the way to our shelter, about 10 of them.  At night Kelly will go feed more at the lorry site next to 7-11 and the church in Ipoh Garden and a few more in the vacinity of Ipoh Garden South. All in all there about 100 dogs.

We are self supporting. Funding is from our own pockets and our savings. Mr Foo Wan Thot gives us RM300.00 monthly since he came to find out about our shelter. A few others contributed after our story came out in the Ipoh Echo and the Chinese Newspaper sometime last year. One Mdm Ooi from Kangar, Perlis, donated 3 times and took the trouble to visit our shelter. We were very touched.

We need funds to help feed our dogs, for repair and maintenance. We need to extend our shelter to accomodate the few strays we nursed and now have no heart to release. We also need to pay our 2 workers about RM450.00 monthly.  We have a few more doggies that need to be spayed. All our dogs need to be vacinnated too.

Our shelter is located on a piece of  land which was leased to the Budhist Retreat Centre, in Tanjung  Rambutan. The BRC Commitee allowed us to squat on a portion of it and we are extremely grateful for their kindness. The shelter however we built ourselves.  The adjoining built up portion was left to us to use, after Doreen (SPCA  Ipoh) and her friends moved their dogs to the present SPCA grounds in Gunung Rapat.

Kelly and I can be reached at :  <Info Removed> (Kelly Tan Juat Jong) and <Info Removed> (Jacinta).

For those who wish to donate to help Kelly and Jacinta’s shelter, donation details are as follows:

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On our part, AnimalCare will help by subsidising the cost of the spaying of the remaining dogs and also help with the cost of vaccinating the dogs.  

We appeal to your kind hearts to donate, any amount that you feel is befitting to the hard work and efforts of Kelly and Jacinta in providing a safe haven for these 100 dogs who would otherwise live on the streets and endure a very hard life.  

Just as it was all due to the generosity of the readers of our posting that we got Phaik Imm back on her feet and her shelter is running well now, let’s do the same for Kelly and Jacinta.  

Every bit, no matter how small, helps.  

We will start the ball rolling with a small donation from my dog, Bobby (already banked into Jacinta’s account).

Alone we can do so little, together we can do much more.  

Please forward this link.

Thank you very much.






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    Thank u Kah Yein. you've done a good deed!