What blind humans do….please pray for the 2 Penang dogs

About two hours ago, as I was driving back, I received an sms from a friend who had heard from another friend that the verdict has been passed – the 2 Penang dogs who attacked the Irishman, will be put down, while the other 2 will be sent back to the owner.  

I am not a person who gets angry easily…but when I heard this news, I was angry.

I was so angry at the ignorance of some humans who think that by killing these two dogs who merely acted out of instinct, they can get some sort of (obviously) blind “justice” out of the incident.  

I was so angry that some humans, who often claim to have higher intelligence, think that killing is a solution to any problem.

I was so angry that some humans, just because they are bigger and stronger, think that they have the right to impose THEIR human laws on animals; but don’t we all know that animals are not capable of thinking and acting like humans?  

So if this is not foolishness and utter ignorance, tell me, what else should I call it?

Why are the 2 poor dogs sentenced to be put down?  

Revenge?  So-called “justice”?  The death sentence is imposed on HUMANS, because humans are able to understand and they are only put to death if they have been found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt of intentionally having caused willful harm to another.  I am not in favour of the death sentence, but I can at least understand that the death sentence acts as a deterrent to prevent other humans from committing heinous crimes.  

Having said that, why on earth are these humans imposing the death sentence on dogs who are not capable of understanding this?  

It sure sounds very much like “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”, something which Mahatma Gandhi reminded us NOT to do.  

Yet, some humans never learn.   

WHEN are they EVER going to learn?   

Can they sleep easy knowing that two dogs who merely acted out of instinct (and not out of evil intentions) are going to be killed because they gave the order to do so?  Can they live with this decision when they are old and grey, and dying….?  

The ones who supported and pushed for this decision are as much to blame as those in power who gave the order.    

I am so angry that some humans never learn, and some refuse to learn to rise higher than what they are.  “If you kill one of mine, I will kill one of yours” is tit-for-tat; it’s shameful and juvenile.  It’s typically….human.  Not animal, but human.  

Yet, getting angry is not the answer nor the useful reaction to this sad news.  

I have been asking for further updates of this news.  A friend said perhaps appeal is still possible yet another said that the sentence will be carried out with immediate effect.  If the former is true, let’s collectively appeal for these two dogs.  If the latter is true, I’m praying now.    

Rather than get angry, it is definitely much more useful that we pray for these dogs, but more so, for those poor human souls who gave the order.  At least the poor dogs will go to a better existence after this life.  Those poor human souls who gave the order will have to live with their intentional actions for the rest of their lives, and their many lives after this.  

It’s intention that matters, in whatever we do.  Not the action nor the consequences, but the intention.  

And we always have a choice to take the high road….because we are human.  






4 responses to “What blind humans do….please pray for the 2 Penang dogs”

  1. Huey

    'Yet, getting angry is not the answer nor the useful reaction to this sad news.'


    Personally, I don't think many would understand or even think further than 'justice' – implying human laws on animals. It happens everywhere in the world, almost like a standard practice. Judging at the state of animal welfare in our country at the moment, I can only say that I'm glad they didn't put all 4 down.

    Though a recent case where a bear killed a hiker at Yellowstone, in which the officials concluded after the incident that she was just trying to protect her cubs and not acting aggressively really surprised me. They concluded that unlike another one who they euthanised last year, this one was 'consistent with a bear who was in defensive posture, and nothing predatory in her actions'.


    Some humans do understand, I guess.

  2. Huey

    And I also think that this incident has given us an opportunity to see that we need to work harder on educating and promoting on topics like living harmoniously with and respecting animals' rights and behaviours.

    For a better tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Capital punishment has been recognised by many countries as inhumane and against humanity. If killing is a crime, how can a person justify state endorsed killing – it merely makes the state a murderer who gets away with it because its got more one-up-manship than you. Its a form of power abuse. And this is something that our Malaysian government cannot understand or see. So for a government that finds plenty of reasons to kill humans, what more dogs or animals?

  4. Anonymous

    I received the news with heavy heart. Will certainly pray for the 2 dogs but as for praying for those responsible, I'm not that magnanimous. May their action be recorded in their karma.