A new kid on the block? Mr Lat Tat Miao!

So, Little Missy (LM) and His Royal Terrorist Mr Nonsense (finally!) got spayed-neutered, and how are they?

From CP:

They’re both ok – but LM very noisy – 5am mewing away – guess she’s in pain and looking for her kittens – i went over to see her around 7am and she was mewing again at me – i looked at her stitches – ok but guess she’s very stressed out. Nonsense was very quiet – just like how Blackie was when he was neutered – haha – big bullies felt embarrased being caged up 🙂 At least DiDi had a good afternoon without Nonsense bullying him yesterday

I told May to let Nonsense out. She told me she’ll transfer LM to the smaller cage and put her at the back alley for few hours to be with her kittens. Let’s see how – maybe she can get the kittens into the big cage with her for the next few days so she won’t disturb the neighbours with her mewing in the wee hours of morning.
And last night I thought everything will be quiet and Blackie has gone back to May’s place for dinner since Nonsense was caged up – until i heard commotion from my back alley – oh dear, another cat – white with black pages and a ginger dirty fella (Mrs Wong calls him ‘lat tat miao’ – eyes a bit problem) making lots of noise – Mrs Wong said she’ll try catch the lat tat miao since she’s feeding him… i think it’s a him.. will check it out next few days…

I guess cats know CP’s street is cat-friendly, so it’s becoming a target place for feline migration?  

Mr Lat Tat Miao….you’re next. 

Lat Tat Miao is Cantonese for “dirty-looking cat”.