Not sporo or crypto, but something else….

Peggy Tiong was eager to start Ginger on Itraconazole since our vet said Ginger had Cryptococcosis. So, I had already ordered the medicine from our other vet and it had arrived today.

So, Peggy brought Ginger over to collect the medication. However, our other vet took a swab (by scraping) of the wound and upon examination under the microscope, he said there was no evidence of Sporo or Crypto.

He said it appeared to be either an allergy or mast cell tumour (probably malignant).  

See this:

Based on this diagnosis, Ginger was given two jabs today, one of which is an antibiotic.

The treatment is to undergo the jabs every two days. Peggy prefers it this way so that she need not feed oral medication.  

If this diagnosis is correct, we should see some results in a few weeks’ time.

Get well soon, Ginger.

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