The Blueys’ playtime

 Yesterday at breakfast, Bagheera took a piece of chicken (from Uncle Bobby’s meal) and slowly chewed it all up!

 Baloo still keeps to her own Baby Cat kibbles.

Her bacterial infected spots have completely healed now. It merely took 3 days of povidone iodine, and I’m continuing with the Vetri DMG since the weather has not been too good.

 Bobby finally got to his food. Bagheera has taken over Cow’s duty of being the official connoisseur of breakfast. 

 Call us Cute!

 Drinking at the common water bowl.

 Now whose little paw is that?

 Yes, this one…

 Looks like Bagheera found herself a little house.

 Baloo wants to play too.

 Is she too big?

I think so….

 So I made a bigger house for Baloo.

 Still have not given up at trying to take Uncle Tiger’s baskets.

 Uncle Bunny watches closely.

 Aunty Cleo….from above.
(A reader alerted me to this duck-hen pose!)

 Yay! We got the basket!

Endless fun…everything is a plaything at this age.

Don’t you wish you were a kitten too?

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