Visiting Karuna

Karuna was a very old female stray dog rescued by Chong in a dying condition. She had been bitten and attacked by a pack of wild dogs and when rescued, could not even move. We thought she was already paralysed. 

To cut a very long story short, Karuna was sent for treatment and her medical treatment and spaying was jointly sponsored from our funds and the temple where she was rescued.

Upon discharged, Karuna went back to the temple, but I felt sorry for her being so alone at the temple, so I asked my mother if she would like to foster Karuna.

Mum said ok, so Karuna went to live with my parents in Bukit Rimau.

I visited Karuna yesterday and she has put on weight. Mum says Karuna is so very well-behaved. She doesn’t demand much and appears to be so grateful to have a home again (we suspect Karuna is an abandoned pet as she had already been spayed – we opened her up only to find she’s been previously spayed). 

Karuna doesn’t shake when Mum bathes her, but only does so away from Mum so that she won’t get wet. She is also quite a guard-dog, she barks when strangers come to the gate.

Mum is happy with her and says she is really good. Karuna is still up for adoption. She is estimated to be about 12 years old. She is arthritic and has a few skin lesions, not your ideal pet, but should anyone out there like to give an old girl a home, please contact me at  

We’ll get her nails cut this weekend.

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