REVISED POLICIES (with immediate effect)

To all rescuers/caregivers of stray and community animals who would like our financial assistance in sponsoring/subsidising the spay-neuter and medical treatment of your animals, kindly be informed that our policies have been revised to the following with immediate effect:

The major changes are highlighted in yellow.


Who qualifies for our sponsorship/subsidy
1. Newly rescued stray animals.
2. Community animals (living in the community but not adopted).
For recently adopted stray animals, it is a case-by-case basis. Please write to with details about the animal.  
1. We have two panel vets in Subang Jaya where we sponsor 100% of the cost of spay-neuter. A photograph of the animal is required. Surgeries are only done on weekdays and there is no boarding. For appointments, please contact
2. If you have many animals, you are encouraged to use the services of Klinik Kembiri. We will sponsor in full. To apply for sponsorship, a photograph of the animal is required. For claims, the original receipt is required.
3. For geographical convenience, you are encouraged to use your own vets. You may apply for a subsidy from us. Our maximum subsidy is as follows:
Male cat – RM60
Female cat – RM100
Male dog – RM100
Female dog – RM120
A photograph of the animal and the original receipt are required. 
If your vet’s rates are lower than the above, we will subsidise the lower one. 
Medical Treatment
1. We have no more panel vets for medical treatment.
2. You are encouraged to use your own vet and you may apply for a subsidy from us.
3. In general, the maximum subsidy is 50% subject to a maximum amount of RM500. 
4.The medical subsidy is dependent on fund availability, the financial position of the caregiver and other conditions as deemed fit. The subsidised amount remains at our sole discretion.
5. In the event that you also apply for financial assistance from other channels, we may not subsidise the full 50% or the maximum amount. 
6. We subsidise RM20 per vaccination, only for first-year vaccinations.
7. To apply for subsidy, a photograph of the animal and a write-up are required. For claims, the original receipt and an updated write-up on the condition of the animal are required. 
8. Our subsidy does not cover food, unnecessary boarding or accessories.
Please be informed that your name and the amount subsidised by us for all cases will be published on the blog. 
If you are able to re-donate to our fund to, in turn, help the next animal, your donation, big or small, is highly appreciated. 
All sponsorship/subsidy is dependent on fund availability and remains at our sole discretion.  
For full policies:
In short:
a. Spay-Neuter at our two panel vets in Subang Jaya – we settle the bill.
b. Spay-Neuter at other vets – you settle the bill. You may claim a subsidy from us.
c. Medical treatment/Surgeries at all vets – you settle the bill. You may claim a subsidy from us. 
Why the changes are implemented:
1. We want to encourage first-year vaccinations for all stray and community animals as it provides good protection against life-threatening diseases. 
2. Our subsidy for spay-neuter for dogs has been revised because some vet’s charges are actually lower than our subsidy!
3. Our panel vets are commercial vets who are running a business and not a charity. We are already very grateful that they offer us a discount for spay-neuter. We do not feel it is right to ask for discounts for medical treatment/surgeries as these are costly. We also want to give you the freedom of choosing your own vet whom you are comfortable with and is nearer for you. We will help you with a subsidy.  
If you have further queries, kindly leave a comment on this post or write to me at  
As we are relatively new in running a charity, our policies will be subject to revision from time to time. 
We are also in the process of learning how to provide better services for you and your animals, and in doing so, we hope to nurture a community of responsible rescuers and caregivers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  
Let’s work together for the animals!  







3 responses to “REVISED POLICIES (with immediate effect)”

  1. kucing

    hello Dr Chan..adakah Doc akan membuka booth di One Utama esok..harap dapat beli T-Shirt u di situ nanti..

  2. Bandar Utama Park – yes! See you there.

  3. ManekiNeko

    These policies seem more than reasonable, and I bet the vets will be very pleased with your change to the medical treatment clause. It takes a lot of money to a)obtain a veterinary degree and b)run a clinic. Asking vets to provide discounted care for strays isn't really fair to either the vets or the strays, is it? Don't get me wrong — I don't have money to burn, but I try to be fair with what I have. 🙂