You can donate to us through PayPal now

Hi Folks,

You would have noticed on the right sidebar that we have a PayPal account now. For those of you who prefer to use PayPal (especially from overseas), you may donate through our PayPal account now.

Our local bank account is, of course, still available to receive donations, as usual.  

For tshirts, please use our local bank account.

Thank you.






4 responses to “You can donate to us through PayPal now”

  1. km

    Hi Dr Chan,
    Just donated. Glad you've got it now. It's really convenient!

  2. Thank you very much, Karmen!

  3. Anonymous

    I had a bad experience with PayPal before. They are not very honest and there are many complaints against PayPal by users around the world.

    Furthermore, they will deduct a commission from the donations given to you.

    I suggest people donate to AnimalCare directly to the bank account if you are residing in Malaysia. Donating via Paypal will only make Paypal richer.

  4. Thank you for sharing, Anon. That is also why I've been reluctant to set up a PayPal account all this while. But from what I have gathered, there is no commission taken for donations. Commission is deducted only for other non-charity transactions.

    But yes, for Malaysian donors, please donate to our PBB account. That would be easier for me, too!