Fosterer (feline mother or human) needed urgently for a litter of kittens (Amy Kwek and Aznah Gulam Mydin’s)

From Amy Kwek and Aznah:

Dear Dr.Chan
On 12th November, 2011 ,my neighbor Sis Hwa  called at 11 pm to inform that she have 4 kittens at the roof’s zink outside her house’s balcony  and the mother cat dead in a car accident early in the morning. The kittens was 4 days old.
Azna and I went to her house immediately. We try asking  her to foster the kittens but unfortunately she can’t ,cause she is working two jobs. She work as a cleaner. In the morning she have to clean few shops in and in the afternoon she is a tailor at one of the shop in Jalan Alor until quite late. Then both of us decided to rescue the 4 kittens but when we are about to leave the house,Azna hear there is a kitten meowing sound, we try to search every where but couldn’t find . Finally Azna located where the sound came from – the roof’s zink under the balcony .The place is really narrow, dirty and dark, Azna and sis Hwa are skinny so they try to go down to roof zink to look for it but very difficult  cause they don’t have enough strength as the roof ‘s zink have screw on it ,luckily John(neighbor’s son) came to help ,he take out the zink piece by piece under the balcony and he almost fall into the house at ground floor. Azna and John still never give up,I try to called animal rescuer(911) as well. After that John found the kitten in the ceiling board , John squeese in and rescue the kitten before the animal rescuer team arrive.So all together 5 kitten’s we rescued and Azna is taking care the kittens in her room(she is renting room) .
Azna and John is really “Kwan Sin Yin Po Satt” (Kuan Yin Bodhisatta) both of them give help all the way but never give up.
Now we are urgently trying to look for a mother cat to nurse the 5 kittens or a fosterer to temporary foster these  kittens cause Azna will be going to outstation for two weeks to work (the date is not confirm yet) and I have to work from 10am to 6.30pm and my auntie are old and she doesn’t have any experience in feeding the kittens. I am very worry anythings can happen when there is nobody to take care and feed the 5 kittens during my working hours .
Azna and I appreciate that all brother and sister could give us a helping hand to take care these  5 kittens during Azna’s absent. We will promise to take back the kitten once Azna back from the outstation job.
Many thanks for the kindness and loving help.

Please help forward this link. Amy can be contacted on 012-9760148. The fostering period is only for two weeks and these kittens can be syringe-fed. We have offered our medical subsidy as I think these kittens need to be sent to the vet’s for a check-up. If they are fit, they can be dewormed (ONLY if the vet thinks so). Worms can kill (especially hookworms) but then again, deworming at an early age can also kill. So that’s the tricky part. According to our vet, they would look at the physical condition of the kitten(s), once fit enough, they will deworm as we do not want them dying because of worms. On this, age may not be used as a yardstick, but physical condition.

If a human fosterer can be found, we’d strongly recommend using Pets Own Milk.  Our vet has stock of this milk.