Pretty Mama goes to her new home! (Jessy Lian’s)

It is always an occasion for celebration when an adult animal (or any animal, for that matter) gets adopted.

Pretty Mama had just given birth about 2 months ago. Unfortunately, due to not having a home to live in, all her kittens passed away. It was really sad when Jessy buried the kittens and Pretty Mama looked on closely. One cannot begin to wonder how that must feel for Pretty Mama.

But things soon perked up. Someone saw Pretty Mama’s photo on PetFinder and she looked exactly like their former cat, so this someone offered to adopt Pretty Mama!

Pretty Mama was sent for spaying under our sponsorship.


And yesterday, Pretty Mama went to her new home….

From Jessy Lian:

The adopter has a 3-4 moths old female cat named Momo that is so adorable & fluffy. As you can see from the attach photo, Momo sit beside the cage & observed Pretty Mama. I bring along 2 canned of her favourite wet food – Fussie Cat, and gave her 2 spoonful. But before she get to it, little Momo tried to steal the food by digging her paws inside the bowl. I enjoyed watching her funny moves so much & forgotten to capture it with my camera.

I will visit her again on this weekend.

By the way, this morning I have bank-in Rm 100 to AnimalCare’s account, please check. Since the adopter does not want a receipt, the donation will be donated in loving memory of Pretty Mama’s 3 kittens.

Me Momo, she Pretty Mama.

Don’t worry, we’re going to be really good friends.

We thank the adopters for their very kind donation to our fund, and thank you very much for giving Pretty Mama a good, safe and loving home.

Kudos to Jessy for a job well done!

To Pretty Mama and Momo, be good friends and have a great life together!






One response to “Pretty Mama goes to her new home! (Jessy Lian’s)”

  1. Bernice

    Thank you Jessie and the adopter! God Bless!

    Have a good new life Pretty mama…I’m so happy for you.