Sunshine Courage’s 2nd acupuncture and energy healing treatments

After work today, I drove down to meet up with Dr Susanna as she would be going over to my friend’s house to do Sunshine Courage’s 2nd acupuncture treatment.

I was late, as the Friday traffic on the federal highway (or anywhere for that matter) is always bad.

By the time I reached, Dr Susanna was almost done with Sunshine.

See the needles in her?

One in the thigh, one on the back, and a few more at the various points.

Sunshine did not complain.

After the needles were removed, Sunshine got her treat of sausages…

Which she absolutely LOVES!

Yum, yum, yum!

Dr Susanna feels the prognosis is good for Sunshine, from the TCVM point of view. As it is now, Sunshine is already moving her legs. We all saw that happening today. She is also in good health, actually. So we only need to concentrate on restoring her nerve functions.

Dr Susanna did not charge for Sunshine’s treatment today. We only reimbursed her RM30 for her transport as it is not advisable to move Sunshine too much at this stage. Thank you for your kindness, Dr!

We sent Dr Susanna off and when we returned….

Hey, Sunshine….how did you get out there?

Hmm…she must have waddled out on her own.

My friend says Sunshine would be getting really bored soon, so we have to think of some toys for her to occupy her time. Maybe a bone to chew? She is, after all, still very young. And by the way, Sunshine appears to have some Daschund blood in her – look at her floppy ears.

We tried to move her back, but she didn’t want – she showed her teeth a bit. It must be too hot, lying on the bed liner, I thought. But we had to get her back on a softer surface as the floor is just too hard and pressure sores would develop which would lead to huge problems.

So we slowly got her back to her bed.

I’m back, but I’m not happy, she seems to be saying.

We put newspapers under her as that’s a bit more cooling.

She seemed very comfortable after the session.

Now, the next session would be an hour later….for energy healing.

The elderly Mr Lim would be coming to give energy healing to Sunshine. Mr Lim had been doing distance healing already and even without being told about her, he had already “seen” her as he said she is a brown dog with floppy ears. Nobody told him that! It’s quite amazing how powerful the mind is…when properly directed.

I came to know Mr Lim when he first enlisted our help to spay a female dog. That must have been more than a year ago. A friend offered to transport Mr Lim and his dog to our panel vet since Mr Lim did not drive.

The same friend would be bringing Mr Lim today.

Aww…isn’t this sweet?

We gave her some water.

Soon, half hour ahead of schedule, Mr Lim arrived.

No need muzzle on.


Mr Lim knelt and proceeded to do the energy healing.

Mr Lim later said whenever he does this, he would be “guided” to place his hands at the appropriate places. Then, he would feel the energy flow. He would do it as long as is necessary until the animal (or human) stops receiving the energy. Then, that’s as much as the animal (0r human) can take. That’s when you stop. That would be enough.

For Sunshine, it wasn’t long before Sunshine stopped taking in the energy. So Mr Lim decided to give her a rest and continue later. While the healing was going on, Sunshine turned many times to look at Mr Lim. That’s her reacting to the energy. It’s normal.

While we were waiting, Mr Lim gave US energy healing! He was able to tell exactly where our meridian points hurt – that’s where we needed to be healed. He told me my right shoulder needed healing and he was right – that’s the arm that had been sprained and twisted before and it has no strength.

So, we got healed as well! What a bonus.

It was a little painful, though, but hey, no pain, no gain, right? When Mr Lim pressed on this meridian points where there were blockages, ouch…it hurt! And he knows exactly where they were.

We listened to Mr Lim’s stories about many of the cases he had done. It was most interesting and amazing. His clients includes medical doctors with spinal chord problems and all kinds of pains – they go to him, they don’t want surgery! Even the Prince of Dubai came to consult him.

Soon, we went back to see Sunshine, and Mr Lim did another round but this time, Sunshine wasn’t taking in any of the energy. This means she has had enough.

Mr Lim explained that anybody can actually do what he does.


Here’s how…

1. Every morning, sit quietly for a few minutes and visualise the universal energy flowing from somewhere “greater” through the top of your head and coming out from your palms.

2. When you need to heal, place your palms on the designated area (but how do we know where?) and feel this energy flowing through.

3. It helps, if you are also “guided” as Mr Lim is. But my thoughts on this are, if you’re meant to be guided, you will be guided. If you’re not…well, wait?

It’s all about energy and energy does remarkable things in us and to us, if used correctly. Energy cannot be destroyed nor created, right? Isn’t that in itself remarkable? It merely changes form and it has many forms. How many forms, exactly? Hmm…definitely more than what they teach you in school, I’m sure! There are the intangible, unseen forms as well. There are more things in heaven and on earth that is dreamt of in our philosophy!

We thanked Mr Lim for helping and offered him a small token of appreciation but he did not want to accept it. Instead, he said to donate it to our medical fund to help the animals. Thank you, Mr Lim. Sunshine is very blessed indeed. Mr Lim says he will continue doing distance healing for Sunshine.

Meanwhile, I’ve reimbursed my friend RM80 for Sunshine’s Mamypoko diapers (they are the best, apparently), yoghurt and baby wipes. I also brought my own Vit C for Sunshine. She needs it more than me.

Sunshine’s food expenses are on my friend – she didn’t want us to repay her.  Again, Sunshine is so blessed because she is getting really quality meals. While we were there, we had barley water and Sunshine had some as well, including the barley grains. Sunshine just loves to eat (which is so good!).

Her first-stage urine burns have actually healed quite well, which is good, again, because it shows her body still has the ability to heal on its own without needing medication.

Hey Sunshine!

I’ll come see you again, okay? You get well soon, and don’t be naughty. Don’t move around too much now, you have plenty of time to do that….when your back is healed.

Meanwhile, we are still sourcing for an adopter for Sunshine.

Do please help spread the word.