Two puppies for adoption (Mandy Chee’s)

From Mandy:

Dear KY,

I need your help to post the pictures of the pup for adoption. I found them in Berkeley, Klang opposite the famous Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih stall. There are two pups, both are beige in color and this particular one is female. I’m planning to bring it for adoption at MDDB’s adoption drive in Klang this Sunday but I thought I’d try my luck here first. For those who are interested in adopting the pup, I can personally transport it to them and get them vaccinated and dewormed first.

The pup is really cute and is not afraid of human as she allows me to pat her but her mom seems uninterested in feeding her, probably because she’s teething and it’s painful to feed her.

Her mom seems friendly enough too, as sge allows me to pat her. I’m planning to send her for spaying and probably released her back here. This place is a food court and I saw one uncle gave her a chicken head (not exactly my preferred diet but I guess beggars can’t be choosers?), at least we know she’s being fed and will not multiply after this.

There’s another pup but i can’t determined the sex of it as it was sleeping soundly in one of the stainless steel stall and I didn’t want to disturb it. I hope those who are interested, could come forward and adopt them. Those who are interested can call or SMS me – 012-3616163.