A gopher says “thank you”

Ref: http://www.care2.com/causes/woman-helps-little-gopher-in-trouble-stunning-thank-you.html



Written by Wendy Bays of Ontario, Canada

I was the oldest of six children along with numerous rescued cats and dogs.  Our (late) mother was on her own and it was a struggle for her but, she would always take in another needy animal that found its way to our doorstep.  One day, down the street where we lived there was a group of young children leaping and laughing at something on the ground.  My mother, who had an instinct when it came to animals in need, went down to investigate.  Sure enough, what the children were so excited about was the sight of a young gopher thrashing about in panic and pain while in a leg-hold trap near the entrance to his home in their lawn.  So, of course, my mother shooed the children aside, opened the trap, scooped up the gopher in her arms and brought him home.  After depositing him into a box, seeing her bloodied arm, it became clear to me that he had been biting her arm all the while during the walk home!  But, she would not let onlookers see that, nor let go of the injured gopher.


We Made Him Comfortable While His Leg Healed


So, we put him in a cage along with grass and soil, water and food. It took about two weeks for him to recover.  We didn’t attempt to handle him but, just kept him fed and comfortable while his leg healed.


The day came when we felt he was well enough to be set free. I took his cage out to an open field across the road. I opened the door and he bounded out and started to run away.  But, then he stopped and turned around towards me.  He then ran back and stopped right in front of me, sat up on his haunches, paused and gazed at me for a moment – as if to say ‘Thank you.”  Then he scurried off never to be seen again. I will never forget that thank you.


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