Rescue on the LDP and updates on Silver (Dawn Tan’s)

Here’s one remarkable story to start your weekend off!

From Dawn Tan:

Hi KY,

Enclosed and below are the photos for the LDP dog, and updates on Silver.

Please could you post up the LDP dog on your adoption page as well? Hope there will be a miracle for him.

LDP Dog: Pic no.1

This morning (Fri, 25Nov11) on the way to our vet with Silver (Elaine’s Sporo+FIV cat), we drove past a dog stranded at the middle divider of the LDP highway. He was alive, hardly moved, most likely injurd, and cramped desperately to the divider. We frantically found a parking, grabbed a seat cover and headed over.

LDP Dog: Pic no.2

Due to the heavy fast moving traffic coming down from the flyover and barely any standing space at the dividers, we were not able to reach the dog without endangering ourselves and the other drivers.

So we had to call LDP’s 24 hour hotline (03-74947333) for help. They were very friendly, asking for my location and direction of traffic, and immediately sent out an alert for their patrol car and MBPJ to make their way over.

As we stood under the hot sun waiting for the patrol car. I wondered how long had the dog been there. Black clouds were coming in soon, I could not imagine the injured dog soaking in thunderstorm, then drying under the scorching sun, soaking and drying all over again, and eventually rotting to death, stranded there…it broke my heart.

LDP Dog: Pic no.3

After approximately 30 anxious mins and trying to work out a back-up plan incase the patrol was taking too long, a LDP Ronda officer arrived. He quickly grabbed his flag, stepped out into the traffic and directed the cars to stop. Another kind samaritan had joined us with the rescue.

LDP Dog: Pic no.4

They approached the dog, coaxing calmly and gently. He hardly moved, not a word, just laid there paralyzed.

LDP Dog: Pic no.5

 They wrapped the dog up, scooped him up and the LDP Ronda officer escorted us back.

LDP Dog: Pic no.6

We placed him on the side pavement while getting the car. Oh…he melted my heart. urprisingly such a docile, handsome young fella!

LDP Dog: Pic no.7

The good samaritan stayed to help carry the dog into our car. There were now 2 patients going to the vet.

Silver was very noisy the entire journey, but Golden (we named the dog after Silver) was quiet all the way. He even placed his head on my lap, drooled on my pants, and allowed me to work with Frontline and cellotape to get the ticks off.

LDP Dog: Pic no.8.

We finally arrived at the vet. Golden could hardly walk, had open wounds on his legs. Looks like he did have an accident and was not agile enough to get back across the road. He will be treated and spayed while at the vet.

He is extremely docile and very timid…not a very good candidate to be released back to the streets. We hope someone can come forward to adopt him 🙂

Now about Silver…


Silver is 4.65kg. He had wounds on his head, legs, paws and tummy, but seems ok with all the jabs and fuss going on with him. He’ll be staying at the vet for a while. Hope he gets well real soon.

Best regards,
Dawn Tan

Well now, is that a remarkable story or what? Kudos to Dawn, the LDP officer and the good samaritan – we all thank you, not only for saving Golden and doing the needful but for showing everyone that Malaysians DO care.

For those so bent on criticising Malaysia and Malaysians, there are caring Malaysians, too.  There ARE caring people eveywhere, folks, we just have to look for them.

And in the event that people don’t help, let them be. That’ll be their problem, not yours. We cannot expect everyone to help and everyone to believe in what we do.

Dawn asked if we are able to subsidise Golden’s medical expenses, and I said YES, of course. So it’s our usual pledge of 50% up to a max of RM500, with updates and the original receipt.

We are also subsidising Silver the Cat’s medical expenses.

Have a great weekend, folks.

My quote for this weekend would be, ‘Stop lamenting, start doing”.






4 responses to “Rescue on the LDP and updates on Silver (Dawn Tan’s)”

  1. Huey

    I ♥ this! Thanks so much Dawn for making my weekend a happier one to start with! And oh Golden looks really really sweet!

  2. Bernice

    THANK YOU Dawn, LDP folks and the good samaritan!! God Bless!

    Prayers for Silver and Golden as well!

  3. Dawn Tan

    Hi everyone, I’m glad this story has touched many. That’s a great saying by KY – “Stop lamenting, and start doing”. Sometimes when we start, ppl who are passing the batons around hoping someone else will rescue the dog, might just follow our lead. Even if some just slow down of curiosity, that’s all right too…we can only hope that they would have felt and learnt something from our actions….after all they were curious enough to slow down! Haha.

    Btw, I must add that apart fr the good samaritan and me, it was Serene (in the pictures) who led the whole thing. I was the one with the camera, freaking out in the middle of the road.

  4. suz ng

    Lovely. Can’t stop smiling as I know Lil creature is safe :))