The Magic Mirror, etc.

This evening, I took a break from the usual routine. My friend invited us to watch the musical, Magic Mirror, so it was an evening of theatre for us. I love the theatre, musicals and the performing arts, if only just to watch and be transported to a magical world, so to speak.


Guan Yin is a very popular personification and spiritual symbol of compassion and selflessness in Chinese culture. The message behind the story is that Guan Yin comes in different forms to help those in need, but the deeper underlying message is that there lives a Guan Yin in all of us – that selfless compassionate nature that is inherent in every living being. In some, they themselves have not realised its existence yet, so the “Magic Mirror” is needed to bring about that realisation and awakening. When one looks into this mirror, one may be directed to see one’s past deeds or one’s future.

There was a line in the dialogue that said, ‘Even a butcher would attain Buddhahood if he laid down his knives”. That, to me, was a message of forgiveness and of hope for everyone to become a better person in this lifetime.

Perhaps all of us need that Magic Mirror every once in a while, to look back at what we have done, to correct our erroneous ways, and do better next time.

The choreography was excellent, the costumes exquisite, the stage setting impressive, and the lyrics of the songs were deeply meaningful. Hence, the message was powerfully conveyed. There was definitely an ambience of compassion and loving-kindness permeating in the hall while the show was on and I should think everyone went home with the feeling that there is still hope for harmony and kindness in this world – it comes from each and everyone of us, from deep within.

And on hindsight, it makes me think how powerful the performing arts, music and art itself can be, in getting these messages across to the masses – it does not require cognitive intelligence to understand these messages because through the arts, it reaches the heart and soul directly. We feel, and therefore, we know. And hopefully, this serves as glimpses of awakening, which remain in us and transform us for the better.

Perhaps those who are well-versed in this area could use the fine arts as a medium to convey the message of kindness to animals as well?

It’s a whole new magical world to explore. Any takers?







One response to “The Magic Mirror, etc.”

  1. lim khay beng

    nice of you to share, to remind us we all have the abundance kindness within,hope we can start using it for the good of ourselves & others..metta