Do Do, dog for adoption – Adopted!! (Pooi Ling’s)

Updates: Already adopted!

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From Pooi Ling:

Hi Dr. Chan,
would appreciate your assistance to blog for adopter for Do Do. She has been loitering around my housing area 2 weeks before I took her back in early Oct 2011. I’ve posted abt her in petfinder and MDDB online adoption page to get her adopted since then. I’ve managed to rehome her twice, but ended up with her being returned to me.
First  adopter took her in for a week and returned her to me, telling me that she does not have the time to care for a dog as she’s single. 2nd adopter took her in for 2 weeks and returned her to me again as they’ve took in 2 puppies after they took Do Do home.
She has been vaccinated and spayed. Appreciate your assistance to share about Do Do in your blog. Thanks in advance.
Pooi Ling






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  1. pooi ling

    Dodo has been adopted.