Indy and Tiger go for their vaccinations

After coming back from visiting Sugar and seeing that today the vet’s was not crowded, I thought I’d take Indy for his check-up. If you’ve been following Indy’s news, he is a suspect kidney problem cat because there was protein in his urine and he used to lick a lot of water from the running tap. However, his previous kidney readings (done in August) showed that everything was normal.

Indy was also due for his vaccination and Tiger (and Cow & Bunny) are already overdue! I asked the vet assistant if I could bring all four (yes, very confidently…and foolishly!) and she said yes, as they did not have appointments this afternoon.

So I quickly went home and Indy and Tiger were right there. I coaxed (half forced) them into the carrier and by the time that was done, I had no more energy to “coax” Cow & Bunny, so off we drove to the vet’s amidst cries of strong protest in the car. Indy was protesting in the strongest possible terms while Tiger was just mewing like a pussy.

Cleo and Pole had already been vaccinated last month. That was a bigger achievement as these two are the Dowagers in the house.

I put them facing each other so that they would not be so afraid.

Based on the orchestra they generated at the clinic (the maestro was Indy), the vet assistant thought I had brought four cats. Er…no, only two, I said, sheepishly. It was quite embarrassing too as other animals weren’t making a racket.

 Indy, the maestro.

 Tiger, looking really scared.

There were three patients ahead of us…so we had to wait.

 We went upstairs for our turn and the vet examined Indy first.

Indy’s case has always been complicated and I was hoping the vet would be able to draw some urine to check for protein again. Unfortunately, Indy’s bladder was just too small. Sigh…what a waste.

Indy’s eyes didn’t look very right either. He has mild conjunctivitis, but then again, Indy’s eyes had always been “not quite right”. He was rescued in very dire straits, with severe bladder, eye and ear infection.  We think one of his eyes is a bit “spoilt” as it doesn’t look normal. Nevertheless, he has been okay ever since.

Indy’s temperature was on the high side as well, but he wasn’t feverish.

Based on his records, Indy had lost 300 grams compared to his last visit. This is cause for concern. Could it be due to the fact that he has been on RC Renal and thus, not getting enough protein? But we’re really in a Catch 22 situation here as the presence of protein in his urine may suggest that there is a leak in the filter at his kidneys. A high intake of protein will cause more damage to this filter. But insufficient protein would also cause the loss of muscle mass (hence, weight loss). So, where do we go from here?

We don’t know…

Well, Indy’s always been a bit of a “complicated and unresolved” case. We do not actually know what is not quite right about him, but he’s been “okay”. The vet always said that it’s probably because he had a bad start in life and all those infections would have taken a toll on him. That is also the reason why I never got him adopted. Indy was rescued from the drain by a friend and she asked for my help to foster him for 2 weeks. And the 2 weeks got extended…

The rest is history (Indy is my only cat who has a book in his name!).

 By then, Tiger had found a very safe and comfortable place in the clinic and Indy joined him.

 We’re very happy here.

Tiger was next.

Oh, oh, the vet said Tiger is obese. Okay, time to lose some weight as that’s not very good. His temperature was good and within normal range. Tiger has flea allergy dermatitis even though he is on Revolution. It isn’t life-threatening, though.

Both of them were vaccinated and we headed off home.

Another orchestra was played in the car. Yes, led by Indy again. The 10 minute-journey seemed like 1 hour (with the orchestra playing).

I brought them both into the kitchen before letting them go as I wanted to reward them with food, but Indy was clearly VERY angry.

If you remember, some months back, Indy disappeared for a few hours and I could find him at all. That was just prior to his appointment for vaccination at the vet’s. I then blogged and made a promise I’d never take him to the vet for vaccination again, and the moment that finished, I walked out and there was Indy!

So, I broke my promise today, by taking him for vaccination and he’s angry…and rightly so!

He refused even his favourite KD (brand new can) and scooted off out of the house.

Tiger was fine.  He gobbled up his Fussie Cat and asked for more. Tiger just loves to eat.

Indy under protest. He refused to come into the house.

Tiger with Bobby, his best friend, as usual, with me in the room.

All’s well, says Tiger.

In between I had to go check on my car at the workshop. It was not ready yet, so I thought I’d try to get Cow and Bunny next.

Stay tuned.