Sugar’s amputation went well, but… (Eling Chan’s)

Today is Sugar’s scheduled surgery and I’ve been calling the vet’s for updates.  The surgery went well, and the vets are finishing the procedure now. The surgery lasted almost 2 hours because there was a bit of excessive bleeding but Sugar’s PCB level was good after the surgery.

However, an attempt to spay her revealed that she had already been previously spayed. This would mean either she was someone’s pet (abandoned, ran away, lost, etc) or her spaying was done by someone else (ears not notched) and she was returned to the streets.

I therefore wish to reiterate again the importance of notching the ear for spayed female animals simply because animals cannot speak and tell us they have already been spayed. We do not want to unnecessarily subject them to the risk of another major operation, which not only is a waste of funds, time and effort, but also poses danger to the animal (to be opened up twice, or thrice). So I’ve told the vet to please notch her ears this time.

Ear-notching is even recommended for pets since pets can get lost or run away, especially cats.

It is for the animals’ safety and own good.

Something else is amiss with Sugar – she has TVT. This is a little strange since spayed animals normally would not contract TVT anymore, unless she contracted the disease before she was spayed.  We would never know – animals cannot tell us their medical history.

The TVT is small and located inside the body and that is why it was not visible from the outside. However, since Sugar has just been through a major surgery (OHE – spaying), she cannot start on the Vincristine (chemotherapy) until after three weeks.

Maybe, Eling might want to try RetroMAD1 while waiting since we had a case where a severe TVT case was given RetroMAD1 for 6 days prior to the first dose of Vincristine, and the tumour starting shrinking coniderably 4 days after the first dose of Vincristine. That’s the fastest regression of a TVT I’ve ever seen! This is, of course, only a suggestion.

I’ll visit soon and update.  I have no car today – it’s at the workshop.

Below are photos taken by Koo. He visited Sugar before her surgery this morning:






Updates at 5.31pm – I went to see Sugar a few minutes after she came to. She was still a bit groggy as she was still waking up from the anaesthesia. 

The vet showed me the X-Rays taken of her right front leg (the one which was limping a bit).





There is currently nothing conclusive that can be drawn from the X-Rays to suggest why Sugar is limping on the right front leg.

For now, the major concern is for Sugar to recover from the amputation first. Next, would be to address the TVT (after 3 weeks).

 Hey Sugar!

As you can see, the bad leg has been amputated as far up as possible so that Sugar will not attempt to use any stump. She would have to learn to walk on 3 legs now, which is usually not a problem in the amputees we have seen. However, for Sugar, the right front leg is also limping, so this might be a small obstacle she would have to overcome.

One day at a time then…





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2 responses to “Sugar’s amputation went well, but… (Eling Chan’s)”

  1. johnny chong (melaka)


    Too bad we cannot communicate with dog otherwise we can ask Sugar for permission before doing the amputation !

    Loosing a leg can be too painful physically & emotionally even for a dog !


    1. chankahyein

      According to the vets, animals would WANT the “bad part” to be taken off, as they would feel better after that. But we would never know, would we? So we can only do our best, based on our understanding of what’s best and with pure intentions in our hearts.