Sunshine Courage’s car ride and her 3rd acupuncture session

Being a public holiday today, I was able to drive down to help my friend take Sunshine Courage for her 3rd acupuncture treatment. My friend thinks Sunshine might welcome a change of scenery and a car ride….

Hello there, Sunshine!

She looks so well, doesn’t she?

That’s her Baby Wipes.

And her MamyPoko XL diapers.

The urine burns on her body is healing very well.  That’s really good – it means her healing potential is good.

My friend and I put Sunshine into the carrier (without the top cover) and together, we sedan-chaired her into the car.

All comfy?

Looks like it…

Let’s go, Sunshine!

The journey there was…um…very eventful, though.

Sunshine poo-ed in the car!  And she was VERY uncomfortable, so we had to stop and place newspapers on top of the poo. In fact, Sunshine kept wriggling away from the poo.  She must be a very, very clean doggie. Well, she is, after all, female, right?

But Sunshine wasn’t too happy with the car ride either and whined distress noises.

We finally reached Dr Susanna’s place in Taman Tun.

The good doctor let us in and started the treatment.

But before that started, Sunshine poo-ed again.

Well, that IS good. At least she can now poo by herself.  Isn’t that great? Some function is returning…Yay!

Here we go, prick, prick, prick…

I held Sunshine down, as she kept wanting to move.

I’m not quite sure which points are for which parts, but Dr Susanna mentioned the gall bladder and (if not mistaken), the kidneys? I can’t remember now…


Sunshine kept wanting to nudge off one of the needles on her back.

Apparently, the patient would feel a funny sort of sensation and would react to that.

I had to hold her down and lean over her.

Maybe she felt safer with someone hovering over her (like some sort of “shelter”).

30 minutes…

Stay down, good girl.

The 30 mins was quite long…

Finally, we’re done!

Sausages for the clever girl!

Sunshine gobbled all the sausages up!

She’s definitely feeling something there.

My friend and I sedan-chaired her back to the car for the journey home.

This time she was very fidgety and practically rotated 360 degrees around a few times.

Gosh, I was getting a little car sick trying to calm her.


She wanted to sit up and look out of the window.

I think it’d be better to ask Dr Susanna to make housecalls since Sunshine was quite upset with the car ride.

You’re home now, Sunshine.

After cleaning her up.

My friend tried to express Sunshine’s bladder but no urine came out.

Maybe her bladder is empty…

I saw a few fleas crawling on Sunshine, so I will bring Advocate down for her tomorrow. Bobby has one tube left.

Advocate would take care of the fleas, as well as ticks, heartworms and does the deworming as well.

Meanwhile, my friend had already dewormed her.

I’ve got to go before the traffic builds up, Sunshine.

Be good and get well soon!

We’d like to thank Dr Susanna for giving Sunshine FOC treatment today – thank you very much.

Dr Susanna is actually very pleased with Sunshine’s progress. In just one week, there is already significant improvement in her hind legs.  That’s really, really remarkable.

It’s also all thanks to everyone’s prayers and good vibes.  Please keep them coming for Sunshine!

And of course, our utmost gratitude goes to my friend (who still wants to be anonymous!) for looking after Sunshine so well.

May there be sunshiny days ahead for Sunshine!








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  1. Su Ann

    Just a note of caution–Advocate (called Advantage Multi in some countries) does not have any effect on ticks. It only covers heartworm & fleas (and a few other things). Here’s a link for the info:

    My vet actually recommended Advocate as it is cheaper than Revolution (he claimed it’s exactly the same), but when I did my research I realized that it is NOT the same in that Advocate has no action whatsoever on ticks, and ticks present a bigger problem for me than fleas. So I stuck with Revolution instead. Also, Revolution uses only one active ingredient while Advocate uses two.