Updates on Pretty Mama and Blacky (Jessy Lian’s)

From Jessy:

Dear Dr.Chan,
Last night I went to visit Pretty Mama in her new home. It was the 4th day since her spay operation, and she was release from the cage. She was a bit scare at first & look for place to hide, but I managed to pacify her with a new toy that I bought. I coax her to sit down next to me, pat her & play with her. After 10 mins of warming up, she become relax, purring and also manja. She even walk right up to my lap & lay down comfortably.
Momo & Pretty Mama still needs time before they can become best friend, cos sometimes they hissed at each other. I think they are both confuse, like “Can I play with her?” “Why did she hissed at me?” “Is she enemy or friend?”. So, Pretty Mama will still be confine in cage whenever the owner is not at home, until she can get along with Momo, then she’ll be allow to roam inside the house.


Blacky is still boarding at the pet shop & I went to see her this noon. The pet shop owner is so kind to allow me to put Blacky up for adoption in her pet shop and it’s FOC. I just need to pay for the previous 4 days of boarding. This is a very good news to me. I also know that there will be a Cat Show event this Saturday (3 Dec 2011), organized by Kelab Kucing Malaysia (KKM) in Nilai (refer to attachment @ KKM) . I will try my luck there if no one adopt her before this Saturday.



Regards, Jessy Lian