Be it ever so humble…

…there’s no place like home.

Indy still plays with his ultraman pillow sometimes.

Nowadays, he is getting more confident. He’s in our bedroom every morning, together with Cleo. In fact, normally, all five of them would be either in the bedroom or just outside. Sometimes, Indy would ambush the rest (see photo above).

This is Cleo’s domain – the ironing board. If she’s on it, nobody gets to iron his/her clothes.

Pole seldom comes upstairs, though. But it’s been raining a lot, so she’s at home more often these days.

Pole is Cow & Bunny’s sister.

Tiger in his baby basket.

I may be asleep outside my basket, but it’s still mine.

In fact, he has claimed ownership to all the tshirt boxes in my room.

Cow still faithfully takes Bobby to his food bowl every day.

They all take turns on the pink box.

Tiger shares his boxes with everyone, so Cow gets to enjoy them as well.

Best of friends.

The Bunnyphant.

He’d never pass off any offers of food, no matter what.

….there’s no place like home.






3 responses to “Be it ever so humble…”

  1. Chen

    Hey Bunnyphant! You are suppose to lose weight. Stop eating other people’s food!

  2. BlackieAsh

    Cow + Bobby = so sweet 🙂

  3. What a heartwarming post. I hope my lost ShihTzu finds her way to a nice warm home like this if she doesn’t find her way back to my home.