Updates on Jenny and Perky (Mei Leng’s)

Our friendship with Mei Leng started when she read about our Klang rescue way back in Dec 2009 where we had taken out 36 dogs from the Klang Dog Pound (due for euthanasia) and rehomed them in a farm in Bentong. At that time, we were able to do that because the farm in Bentong agreed to take them in provided we supplied food and provided we got a vet to certify the dogs were in good health.

Despite the check-up by two vets at the pound that morning, eight of the dogs were found to be ill after they were sent to Bentong, so we brought these eight back for treatment. It turned out these eight were the “lucky” ones – because they came back to us.

Perky was one of the eight who came back. She was one of the smallest and the day she came back to us, PAWS had offered us temporary shelter for four of them – Russell, Perky, Wendy and Sweetie.  Perky arrived at PAWS in a very bad state and the manager quickly alerted me that by the time I returned from Bentong, Perky could very well have passed on.

But she did not.

She lived up to her name, and she grew from strength to strength, always as perky as ever, and survived tick fever and some other illnesses. She was always a happy little dog.

Mei Leng read about her and offered to adopt both Perky and Sweetie. However, Sweetie came down with TVT and tick fever after that and Mei Leng could not cope with two dogs, so Sweetie went to a fosterer, Dayani, and later, Meiji offered to take Sweetie. Sweetie is living happily on Meiji’s farm and still remembers me whenever I visit. And yes, she too lived up to her name and is as sweet as ever!

Perky, the lucky little girl, stayed with Mei Leng, and lives a life full of love and care. Her friends are Mei Leng’s two rabbits!

Sometime early this year, Mei Leng enlisted our help in rescuing a dog on the streets in Puchong. This dog had a bad limp on the front leg. Koo responded and helped rescue the dog, and we rushed her to emergency that night as the bad leg looked really bad. The leg had to be amputated, and Jenny (the name given by Mei Leng) recovered very quickly. The amputation was done at our panel vet and Mei Leng sponsored the entire cost.

Mei Leng boarded Jenny at a boarding house in Puchong where she was well-taken care of, and even became best friends with the resident cat.

And now, here are updates and photos from Mei Leng:

Dear Kah Yein,

Hi, how r u ? just to update u on Jenny. I have placed Jenny at the Paws Mission shelter at old klang road about two months ago.  In fact,  Paws Mission agreed to take Jenny when i just rescued her. But i want Jenny to be adopted and thus, waited for Lydia response whereby she told me that there was one couple interested in adopting dog. After placing Jenny at the boarding/vet clinic for about 3 month plus, Lydia reply me that i need to work out an alternative plan for Jenny as she told me that there was no reply from the couple. So, i have to make a decision and at last, i placed her at Paws Mission shelter (at first, thinking of sending her to Noah Ark at Johor, but it is too far away for me to make regular visit on Jenny !) and managed to visit Jenny and help up at the shelter every Saturday.  Jenny is adapting well at the shelter, very playful and will run happily to me when i call her. Though she is three legged, she is definitely happier . Anyway, i have to thank you for posting up my request of rescuing Jenny on your blog and because of that, i managed to get help from Mr. Koo and Jenny was rescued. Also, thanks for showing us the way to Gasing Clinic so that Jenny can temporarily get medical attention and advice. As of Perky, she is doing good, as usual, as perky as she can and i become very attached to her because i will miss her when i send her for boarding due to my holiday or business trip at overseas. below are some of Jenny and Perky photo 🙂  take care
Mei Leng

Jenny, the tripod

At Paws Mission’s shelter now. She is up for adoption.

The lucky girl, Perky.

(I know, her nails need to be cut, I’ll let Mei Leng know.)

From the Klang Pound…now in a beautiful home, forever.







3 responses to “Updates on Jenny and Perky (Mei Leng’s)”

  1. Mei-Yee

    Jenny is very sweet and cute..Volunteered at Paws mission one saturaday and we bathe the puppies there. Jenny was there among the puppies..After 3 hours there, we left to walk towards the car..Jenny came and say goodbye to us..she can run really fast despite being 3-legged.

  2. Mei Leng

    Ya, Kah Yein, Perky’s nail was trimed last week ! :p

  3. Koo

    Thanks for the update on Jenny. Now, I know where to visit her. She looked great and happy! I am heartened to know that being 3-legged has not much impact on a dog’s life.