One male cat neutered, one got away (David Tan’s)

David Tan called me last week requesting help to neuter 4 male cats and 6 female cats in his neighbourhood. His daughter, Kirstine, liaised with me later and I’ve already arranged for all 4 males to be neutered today, and the females would be later this week as our slots for females are all fully booked till Wednesday.

Today, Kirstine and her father, Mr Tan, only managed to bring one male cat as the other three got away. Unfortunately too, Mr Tan was very badly bitten by the three other cats when he attempted to catch them. Our vet told me about this when I went over to settle the bill this afternoon. We have advised Mr Tan to get himself treated and Kirstine says it’s already been done.

Our vet told me he has actually seen cats that turn around and go head-on to attack a human. Cats can be very defensive and aggressive if they sense danger. Please be careful.

I’ve offered Kirstine to use our cat traps.

This one got away.

This one was neutered.